How To Make an Emergency Road Kit

An emergency road kit should provide you with the tools necessary to remain safe should you get stuck on the side of the road. Your emergency road kit should be small enough that you don't mind keeping it in your trunk all of the time. It won't do you much good if it's at home because you needed more trunk space for your trip. However, your kit needs to be large enough to provide basic supplies should you get stuck beside the road. This kit assumes that you have already have a spare tire and jack stored in the car.

  1. Booster cablesAlso called jumper cables.  8-gauge cables are best, but 10-gauge will also do. Make sure they are long enough to reach easily from one car to another.
  2. Small flashlightNighttime car troubles aren't as difficult if you can see what you're doing.  A small flashlight can make a big difference in determining what is wrong with your car.
  3. Extra batteries:  Extra batteries can be a lifesaver. A dead flashlight isn't very useful.
  4. FusesCheck what kind of fuses your car uses and carry spares with an assortment of amp ratings. Don't get tempted to buy only fuses with high amp ratings, because using the wrong size fuse could damage electrical components in your car.
  5. First aid kit:  Accidents happen.  Be prepared for small injuries by carrying a little first aid kit everywhere you go.
  6. ScrewdriversInclude both a flat head screwdriver and a Philip's head screwdriver.
  7. Small towel or rag: If you touch something greasy, you'll want to be able to clean off your hands before you get back into the car. Your car's interior will thank you.
  8. Funnel:  Few things are as frustrating as trying to pour into tiny holes at night. Keep a funnel to save yourself some trouble.
  9. Triangle reflectors: These can handy when you break down at night. Place them behind your car to warn other motorists.

  10. Extra oil: Engines need oil to run properly. Keep an extra quart on hand in case you are running a little low. Some people find it a good idea to keep other fluids such as transmission fluid or power steering fluid on hand as well.  Determine what best suits your needs and keep it handy just in case.

  11. Flares: Attracting attention when you're stranded can sometimes be difficult. A flare may be able to get you help, especially if you get stuck at night.

  12. Fire Extinguisher: In case your car catches fire, you may find that a fire extinguisher will come in handy. Keep a small one in your trunk just in case.
  13. CALL POLICE Sign: A CALL POLICE sign may come in handy if you're stranded on the side of the interstate. A stranger's call to the police can get help to you quickly.


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