How To Remove and Replace Car Stereo System Speakers

Car stereo speaker

Before you begin, you'll need to determine what size car stereo speakers you need. Try to replace the speakers with ones that are the same size. The shapes are usually circles or ovals, and they are measured by the diameter in inches. Some websites have guides to tell you what size will fit the factory openings in your car. You may want to look at the guide at Crutchfield. 

Taking off the panels covering the speaker can be a little tricky, but it gets much easier with a little practice. Here are some tips to help you through the process:

  1. Door Mounted Speakers: Removing speakers in the front doors is a little different if you have manual windows because you have to remove the window crank, which is the handle that raises and lowers the window. Try this little trick: Use any old shop rag, t-shirt, or cloth to remove the U-shaped clip that holds the handle on the door. To do this, position the handle at the bottom of its arc. Then place the cloth under the handle and pull up while sawing side to side. The cloth with catch the edge of the U-shaped clip and remove it. The handle will then pull straight off.

    The door panels are usually fastened to the car with a combination of screws and clips. You'll need to remove any screws that hold the panel on. Then use a panel removal tool, a flat-head screwdriver, or any other thin object to pry the panel off. Be careful not to scratch, scrape or dent the car. This requires finesse as well as a little force, because you have to pull the panel from metal clips.

  2. Dash Mounted Speakers: These are usually aremoving car speakers little bit easier to replace. Simply remove the grill with a flat-head screwdriver. Then, unscrew the speakers from their mounts.
  3. Rear/Trunk Mounted Speakers: Rear mounted speakers are usually on the flat area behind the back seats and above the trunk. Depending on your car, they may be removed from either the top by prying off the grill above, or through the trunk by removing the mounting screws. Examine yours closely to determine which would work best for your car.
  4. Install the replacement speakers: New speakers are packed with foam gaskets as well as a few screws and washers. If you choose speakers that match the dimensions of the factory ones, your work will be quick and simple. Connect the two wires to the back. Then place the gasket on the back and place it in the opening. Reuse the factory screws to fasten it to the metal of the car.
  5. Other size speakers: If you choose to install replacement speakers that are larger than the original openings, you will have to widen the holes to match the size. Then drill pilot holes to mount. If you are installing speakers that are smaller than the original opening, you may be able to find adapters that you can mount so they will fit the existing holes.

Now you know how to install speakers for those car stereo systems you've always wanted!


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