How To Install a Car Amp

Every music lover cannot do without a loaded audio system in his car. And what better way to make sure that every single note and thump-thumping bass sound is heard but with a speaker set up complete with amplifiers to pump up the music?

Amplifiers are a necessary component in a properly set up audio system. Amplifiers function by outputting more powerful and much louder audio to the speakers for a crisp yet undistorted sound. A speakers-only audio set up, while it may give out satisfactory sound output, will definitely be insufficient - especially if you are the music-snob type who takes pleasure in listening to every single note written by your favorite composer.

Purchasing comes first before any car amp installation occurs. Acquiring an amplifier means you'll have to familiarize yourself with the various factors that make one a good buy. A car amp's RMS power rating has to match exactly those of your speakers and subwoofer. Incompatible power rating may result in busted speakers and subwoofer which definitely will not be a good scenario for you and your car. Think about how peculiar your car will smell due to all those burnt wires.

Another factor to check would be the car amp's capacity to cool itself. In general, an amp that is heavy enough must have been installed with sufficient heat sinks for management of temperature. Pumping up the amp results in too much heat generated. That is why it is crucial to have the amp installed in an area with adequate air flow. Consider installing your amp underneath the passenger seat. Not only are your car amps hidden from the prying eyes of thieves, but it also ensures enough ventilation to prevent the amp from literally burning up. Alternatively, installing the amp in the compartment area can also be done. However, this will make your car prone to vandalism. If it is possible, set up additional fans solely intended for the car amp to better assist in the dispersal of the warm air generated by the amp. Installing car amps underneath seats should also be done by a seasoned professional. You do not want to end up disabling, or much worse, wrecking your power doors altogether.

A high end car amp will be of no use if substandard or incorrect cable wires are used. Bear in mind that amplifiers output considerable amounts of electrical currents so a good-enough thin cable should not be utilized for the purpose. Acquire the appropriate cables along with the car amp from the shop. Power cables have to be chunky and should be equipped with an in-line fuse. This fuse will blow and pop out to prevent any current from running through the wire so as not to further damage not just the amp, but the speakers and subwoofer as well. Other cable must-haves are RCA cables, the speaker wire connectors, ground cables and remote wires.

Lastly, do not go to the store and buy an amp that you intend to have modified later. Always buy what you have identified as the make and model that you want. You do not want to go through all the trouble of removing the car seats and ruining your car's interior details just because you want certain amp specs adjusted later on.


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