How To Wire Car Audio Speakers

If you are upgrading your car's audio system or just changing the speakers, you have to plan each step to make sure you are wiring the system the right way. It will save you a lot of time and energy to wire the audio speakers properly, or else you will be spending more time redoing everything.

  1. Prepare necessary tools and equipment. You will need the proper tools and equipment before you start on any wiring of your car's audio speakers. The wires have to be cut at the proper length, so you need a cutting knife or a wire cutter. Usually common wire cutters are sufficient enough to do the work, but get one that will efficiently cut through the thickness of your speaker's wires. Connecting the wires to your amplifier and speakers may need an amount of soldering, so be sure to have solder and a soldering gun available. Be prepared with different types of screwdrivers for the different types of screws you will encounter while taking out panels and installing wires. A wire stripper will be handy to expose the end portions of the wire from its insulation. There are automatic and manual wire strippers, and both will do a good job of stripping the wire from its insulation. 

  2. Know where each component goes. Find out where each component of your car's audio system will go. There are compartments for the radio and equalizer at the middle portion of your dashboard, and you can install the speakers on the side panels of your front doors, rear deck and basically wherever you want. An amplifier will usually go in the trunk of your car.

  3. Routing the wires. You will be installing ground wires, signal wires and power wires from the amplifier, radio, battery, equalizer and speakers. You need to plan this out, as each type of wire needs to go on different sides of the car. The signal wire cannot go along the same side as the power cable, or else it will pick up interference or noise and you will hear it on your speakers. The power cables need to be on the passenger side, since the battery is commonly found on that side. The signal wire can be installed on the driver's side, and the ground wire needs to be attached to a part of the chassis.

  4. Wiring the amplifier and speakers. You need to understand your audio system's impedance rate or ohms to make sure the speakers can handle the signal coming from the amplifier. Wire the amplifier and speakers together only if you've checked if they are both compatible and can handle the impedance levels. Before finally hooking up the wires to the speaker, check if you are putting it on the right terminals. Attach the negative and positive wires to the proper terminals.

Make sure you read the manual first before doing any wiring to your speakers to make sure it is done right the first time.


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