How To Understand the Facts About Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are wheels for cars, automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles, which are made from the alloy of magnesium and aluminum metals. They are lighter than the steel wheels, which give speed and improved steering of the car. Alloy wheels help reduce the chance of brake failures because it dissipates heat from the brakes. It is a better heat conductor than the normal steel wheel.

Drawbacks of Alloy Wheels

Without proper preventive measures, alloy wheels are prone to rust. When it happens, it will cause the tires to leak air. Also, they are more difficult to restore and get working again when they are bent, although their higher price makes repairs cheaper than buying a new one.

Producing alloy wheels is more expensive than producing standard steel wheels. Because of their high production cost, alloy wheels are not considered as standard equipment on non-luxury vehicles. They are marketed as optional added extras or as part of a more luxurious trim. Luckily, wheel locks which are available from automakers and car dealers, prevent thieves from stealing alloy wheels. When used, one of the wheel nuts becomes unable to be removed without a special key.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels for passenger vehicles serve a cosmetic purpose. The alloy wheels are shiny therefore no painting or wheel covers are needed. They have intricate designs that make the driver proud of his vehicle, perhaps giving him improved driving performance. Steel wheels on the other hand have to have painted steel rims or be covered with plastic wheel covers.

Since 2000, alloy wheels have been offered on subcompact and economy cars. This has changed from some years ago when alloy wheels were not factory perks on reasonably priced vehicles. They are included as standard gear on higher-priced luxury or sports cars.

Quality Alloy Wheels

Manufacturers of alloy wheels spend time researching all about alloy wheels. There are alloy wheels for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles, which pass through rigid standards and fundamentals of the technology for chrome plating. There are two kinds of alloy wheel; electroplated and painted. The electroplated has several types:

  • High bright black alloy wheels
  • High bright silver alloy wheels
  • Physics electroplated alloy wheels
  • Electroplated alloy wheels-chemical, vacuum and chromatic vacuum

Chrome plated alloy wheels are the most expensive. They have quality craftsmanship and additional plating time. It is more than cosmetics for an expensive car and the luster lasts for years of service. Extra time and a longer plating cycle are trademarks of superior manufacturers.

Alloy wheels give a face-lift to a car. Even economy cars can now have alloy wheels because their price is much lower than the prices some years back. A car owner can choose between painted or electroplated alloy wheels. If it is electroplated, chrome finished is the best option. Alloy chrome plating involves a multi-layer of metal. In the four plate process, it incorporates the use of copper, which has been the mark of quality and long life for your wheels.


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