How To Accessorize Your Volkswagen Jetta

Do you have a boring Volkswagen? Do you need some tips on how to make it your own? Allow me to provide you the steps to the perfect and the most original Volkswagen Jetta ever.

  1. Aluminum wheel covers can really make a Volkswagen look different. If you are going to put them on a Volkswagen they would have to be 17-inch rims.
  2. Purchase a steering wheel cover that suits you. It could be your favorite color, or it could be an animal print. Whatever your style is, your car needs to reflect you.
  3. There are a lot of neat bumper stickers that can describe either you or your pet. You can even customize your own sticker on some design web sites.
  4. You can purchase a lot of items to make the inside of your Volkswagen very cool and unique. You can put bobble heads or stuffed animals on either the dashboard or the rear window.  These lend an air of fun to your driving.
  5. Lots of stores have Disney seat covers, printed seat covers, and all different colored seat covers. There are many ways to accessorize a car, and seat covers can be your very own in whatever style you choose.
  6. You can decorate your rear view mirror with things hanging from it, such as beads, crosses and things of that nature.
  7. Of course you can't forget the floors! Lots of cars have regular rubber mats, but you might want to look at more decorative things.  You can also be more creative and use a bathmat for a car mat.
  8. I have found that the best way to decorate a car is on the outside so all can see, and it can be very useful. Maybe go look for some Volkswagen Jetta accessories and find out what is available.
  9. Some people like to put splashguards on their tires, so maybe you can find a creative twist to have on yours. Maybe something not very common.
  10. I have heard good reviews on the Jetta Sunroof Air Deflector. This can increase your comfort while riding in your stylish Volkswagen.
  11. Some Volkswagen Jetta's have very decorative Wind-stop Storage Bags for the back of your vehicle for items that you can't carry inside your car.
  12. Lots of web sites have fins for the back of your Volkswagen that will give you both speed and style.
  13. There are lots of GPS systems that you can have installed in your Volkswagen that are very useful, but they might cost you a lot up front.
  14. All cars have headlights, but there are headlights for Volkswagens that are all different colors. Not many people have them, and they are very unique.


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