How To Add Solenoid to a Car Trunk

If you don’t like the trouble of getting out of your car only to open the trunk, a little thing called solenoid can be of enormous help to you. It is mounted inside the trunk and gives you the ability to pop open your trunk without getting out of the car. You only need to access the switch inside your car, which is connected to the trunk. You can easily install the solenoid by doing the steps below.

  • Purchase a solenoid. You can find solenoid in auto shops. Solenoid comes in a kit and is packaged with wires, bolts, and everything else that is necessary to make it work. Choose the solenoid kit that you think is the best for your trunk. It will prove helpful if you ask the recommendations of other car owners and shop attendants.
  • Prepare everything you need. Bring all the tools you need to your work area. These include screwdrivers, voltmeter, and drill. You may also check the solenoid’s kit manual to determine the other tools you may need.
  • Pull open the trunk. Begin the process by opening the trunk. Then, find the trunk’s latch release mechanism. This is where you have to attach the solenoid. Next, open the covering of the latch.
  • Find a place to install the solenoid. The next thing you need to do now is to look for an area to attach the solenoid. It should be near the latch release mechanism so that you can easily connect the latch and the solenoid using a wire. If you have already found a good place, begin to make a hole in the latch with a drill.
  • Mount the solenoid. The solenoid comes with a bracket. First, install the bracket near the latch release mechanism with screws. Then, fit the solenoid into its bracket.
  • Connect the solenoid with the latch release mechanism. You can do this by looping a cable wire through the solenoid and into the hole of the latch release mechanism. Then, attach the bolts and nuts to secure the loop.
  • Test the solenoid. You need to run some tests to find out if the solenoid indeed releases the latch. You can do this by connecting the solenoid to a battery. If by touching the battery the solenoid releases the latch, you can proceed to the next step. If not, you need to tighten the bolts and nuts.
  • Install the switch. The solenoid should be connected to a switch inside the car. You can install it anywhere you can easily access it, although the best place would be under your dashboard. Install the switch and connect it to the solenoid using wires.
  • Make a final test. After installing the switch, you can now run your final solenoid test. Press the switch under your dashboard and see if it the trunk opens. If it doesn’t, check the wirings and all the connections. If it does open up, your job is done.

Consider buying the solenoid kit that is compatible with the make of your car. Remember that solenoid kits cannot be operated in all types of cars, so better if you do some research first.


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