How To Airbrush Cars

Your car is your greatest possession that can effectively showcase your airbrush graphics. With your signature designs, your car will not only be the center of attention but it will also speak of its uniqueness.

Though airbrushing cars may sound and look too easy for you, it is the other way around. Unless you are a professional, you will find this activity as a challenge. But with the proper guidance, you can airbrush your very own car like a pro. Take a look at these easy to follow tips to help you successfully airbrush your car:

  • Prepare your design. Visualize the design you wish to give your car. Make sure to check out every detail so as it will provide you a result like how you wish the design to look like in the end. Do not forget to visualize as well the exact colors of the overall design.
  • Draw the design. Grab some flexible vinyl and draw the design onto it. Cut each detail of the design using box cutters. After the design is ready, tape this template in its proper place on your car.
  • Decide on the color. Before the actual start of the painting, identify what color you want to paint first. It is best to start with the background colors as well as the darker ones. After these colors, start working on the foreground shades.
  • Prepare the vehicle. Now that you have chosen the first color to be airbrushed, cover the rest of the car that will not be covered with that specific color. Use masking tape for this purpose. Make sure to well properly secure the vinyl template as well so that there will be no unnecessary paint in various areas. In cases that the color will be covering a large area, simply secure sheets of plain paper with masking tape over the areas that must not be covered with that particular color.
  • Airbrush the paint. Have one finger regulate the air flow while you are airbrushing the paint. Keep in mind that if your airbrush is so close to the surface, the shade will be denser and the area to be covered will be a lot smaller.
  • Airbrush the second color. Remove the masking tape once you have finished spraying the first paint. However, when you are about to cover the first color, let the paint dry first before proceeding with the task. Then, choose the next color and cover other parts of the car that will not be covered with that shade. Airbrush the color as needed.
  • Continue with other colors. Depending on how many colors your design has, airbrush one color each at a time. Do this until your design is fully completed.
  • Let the paint dry. After the last color has been airbrushed, do not remove the vinyl template just yet. Wait until the rest of the paint has completely dried first so as to prevent any kind of smearing.

Airbrushing your car is an art that you can always be proud of. However, this will only happen if you perfectly know the right procedure in doing this project.


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