How To Build a Custom Bicycle

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Custom bicycles, or what you call “choppers,” are an expression of art and skill in modifying old and rusty bikes into unique and personalized masterpieces. Many chopper fanatics around the globe make clubs and hold shows and competitions for their custom bikes. It is an exciting hobby and can be a good business as well. There is no need to spend a lot of money in building your own custom bike; you can save from 40 to 60 percent compared to buying a brand new set. Just be a determined scavenger of abandoned bikes and practice your artistry and modification prowess. Here’s how to build a custom bicycle.

  • The first thing you should do is to look for two or more bicycles; one is the donor bike that has the purpose of providing the spare parts for your future customized bike. The donor bike can be an old bike piled up in a junk shop or a friend’s unused bike. Look for smaller tires if possible.
  • If you have enough bike parts decide how you would want your bike to look like. Select a style you want. You can visualize and have a sketch on paper or computer. Try to search fixy, chopper, low rider or rat bike on the web to have an idea on the general appearance of a common customized bike.
  • Next is to know what tools you need on materializing your plan; you will need a welder or a welding machine, paint, assorted tools for chopping and assembling and some safety equipment. Check this site for the tools you’ll need on specializing your bike:
  • Disassemble the bikes into parts. Make sure to organize where you place the parts to easily locate them when needed.
  • Cut off the fork’s tubes of the 2 bikes. Cut the bottom part of the donor tubes and the other fork right below the point where they join. Weld them together or ask someone who knows how. This will extend the front fork of your customized bike; the small tire will be used here. For a low ride, cut the seat post down.
  • Connect the handle bar; you can add some tubing on it. Use an exactly different handle bar from your frame type.
  • Connect the other parts, such as the wheel and crank set, brakes and cable, etc. Set aside the remaining unused bike parts for future bike refurbishing.
  • Adjust the seat to your comfort.
  • Paint it and let dry. You now have your new custom bike.

Customizing a bicycle is a wonderful hobby that you can share with anyone. It is also a great way to make friends with others who share the same interest. It lets you express your own style, personality and taste. Riding on your hand-built custom bike is a rewarding experience; it gives you a feeling and sense of ownership. Recycle old bikes. Chop them, hack them, weld them, paint them and, finally, ride them. Enjoy!


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