How To Build a Rat Rod

Nothing feels as great as the wind in the air and the pedal to the metal. Speed is a drug that you just can’t have enough of. The feelings that you get as you speed down the highway are just purely amazing. Your adrenaline goes up, blood pressure rises, and your body temperature rises. This is precisely why speed is this addicting. The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.

You can buy a new Japanese-made roadster and with it, temporarily satisfy your need for speed. However, nothing compares to old-fashioned muscle. If you ask me, the best of muscle can be found in the old rat rods.

Coming at you loud and dirty, these rat rods bring character, power and, ultimately, speed in a race. With these simple steps, you can build a rat rod of your own.  So, you think you are fast but you don’t know fast until you build a rat rod of your own.

  1. Get all your materials ready.  You are going to need several things before you can have a rat rod of your own. It is not something you can buy from a dealer; you have to build one for yourself.  You are going to need some key ingredients to build an awesome rat rod. You need a car frame of your own choosing. Pick one with style, something not commonly seen should do well being a rat rod. Next you need an engine to push your old style car frame. You don’t have to buy a brand new engine. An old engine from the scrap yard should be great. Remember that half of the fun is in the rebuilding. Lastly, you are in here because you are in dire need of power and speed. That is why you are also going to need power parts. Some racing parts would be nice, like racing pistons, high-tension wires, large capacity carburetors and exhaust headers.
  2. Pay attention to horses on the hood. The engine is what drives your Rat rod. This is why we need to make sure the engine is the most advanced part of the rat rod. It may be an old engine, but the power parts it has should be state of the art. The majority of your budget should go towards the engine. This is the difference between winning and losing in the racing world. Add your exhaust headers; dual carburetors; single hi power carburetor; and fuel mixture optimizers.  Just get some things that just add horses to your old-style engine.
  3. Bang up some bodywork.  While your engine hangs on you’re a frame. Next step is to finish up your car body. Remember that rat rods aren’t supposed to be pretty. It is just supposed to be fast.  However, there is no crime in getting a hot-looking body to go with that beautiful engine.  Generally, flat black primer works out.  Add a little art to it by painting stuff from racing stripes to intricate murals. While you are working on the body, make sure all the other essentials are taken care of. Things like axles, suspension and all the other stuff you need for a decent rat rod.  Get help with these areas if they are not within your expertise
  4. The tires and rims. These things are the ones keeping you on the road. Make sure you have the right wheels for the specific race. Try a cool-looking rim. Cool rims on a plain black body are just hot. Ask anybody.

Now that you have your rat rod together, time to cruise. If you built it just right, you should have a machine that you will be proud of.  You cruise for a few minutes before you let out a loud roar. After that roar, you step off the clutch and then you are off on to the journey of your life.


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