How To Buy a Bluetooth Car Kit

Technology never fails to surprise us. Most states prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. It’s a hazard to the safety of drivers and pedestrians. A solution to this is using a Bluetooth car kit instead. A Bluetooth car kit is composed of a hands-free device that allows drivers to take calls even while driving. You can even listen to music. Drivers use a headset or speaker phone so they can still hold the steering wheel and keep their eyes on the road. It’s really helpful especially when you have to take business calls. For someone who is dependent on a mobile phone, and spends much time traveling and driving around in their car, buying a Bluetooth car kit is a good investment. 

Conduct a research and check out Bluetooth car kit model descriptions and features online. Like mobile phones, there are also many Bluetooth devices and car kit models available in the market. There are even solar-powered ones. Do your share of research first and get to know what each model offers. If you see something you like, check its features and read customer reviews. You can go to consumer websites. Start looking at the Bluetooth and SuperTooth websites. The Bluetooth website in particular, has a comprehensive Gadget Guide you can access immediately on the home page. It provides a list of all their Bluetooth devices, including features and specifications, and also a list of all other gadgets and devices a model is compatible with.

Define what features you really need. Bluetooth car kit accessories have a myriad of features—you can use them as headsets to take calls while driving, use speaker phone functions, access radio channels, listen to music through different kinds of audio players, input data, transfer data from one device to another, and even print data that you receive. You might not need all of these features in one kind of Bluetooth car kit. Consider features that you can really use most of the time. Some models have a combination of two or three features.

Consider your budget. Be prepared to shell out more, as Bluetooth car kits are usually pricey, especially the newer models and those with multi-features. But if you stick to a model with only a few important functions that you need, you would most likely still meet your allotted budget.

Compare prices online. Price quotes are posted in consumer websites. Take time to check them and compare prices from one seller to another or from one model to another. Look for online stores that offer the best price. There is one very useful article in PC World that provides a list of the top Bluetooth car kit models. The list also includes user ratings, a full review of the product, a test report, and a link to compare prices. Visit

Scour for discounts, sales, and auction sites. There are online stores that offer discounts and sales for their various Bluetooth stocks. You only have to be a little more patient and resourceful in finding one that guarantees value-for-your money deals. You can also check auction sites that sell surplus items and Bluetooth devices at relatively cheaper prices.

Order online. Once you’ve already decided what to buy, fill out an order form available in the seller’s website. Make sure that your Bluetooth car kit has a warranty. It is also very important to keep your receipt in case you find that there’s something wrong with the item and you need to return it.

It is hassle-free to buy a Bluetooth car kit, especially if you do it online. You can compare prices easily and research on model features and reviews. Choose a model with features that you will use most of the time.


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