How To Calibrate a Ford Taurus Computerized Compass

A Ford Taurus comes with a computerized compass. This should help provide direction to car users. However, a dilemma which most users face is their compass malfunctioning. What this means is that the directions being given by the compass are off or worse, that is has completely ceased to work. Admittedly a number of people would like to use this feature and maximize it to help them travel when driving. The good news is that it does not take rocket science or technical skill to calibrate the compass of your Ford Taurus. Follow the directions below.

Become familiar. The first step is to become familiar with the buttons used to calibrate the compass of your Ford Taurus. The following buttons are the ones used: set, info, reset. These buttons are placed on the dashboard and can be found at the right of the column for steering.

INFO button. The INFO button should be pressed for a good two seconds. When this is done, you will see the odometer/compass function display. Take extra care not to select the trip function, date function, or even the AFE. Make sure that the center of the message remains blank.

Set the zone. The magnetic zone of your compass needs to be set. Do this by using the zone map as a reference. The RESET button needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds. From here, the current zone will be displayed. Let go of the RESET button and press it another time so the current zone may then be changed. The SET button is used to correct the display of the zone. Do this until it reflects the right information. Press RESET another time for you to exit.

Start calibration. Once you have correctly set the zone, you may now proceed to the process of calibration. The first thing that you need to do is to press the RESET button. This will allow you to enter and start the calibration process. In the window, you will see a message that will tell you to circle slowly. This is done while the car computer is calibrating.

Follow the instructions. Calibration is done by following the instructions and driving your car slowly for a good three rounds of circle in order to set it correctly. The speed that you work on should be about 3 mile/hr or better if it still can be slower than such. Once the car has processed the information, the message window will prompt you that the calibration process has been completed.

Calibrating the computerized compass of your Ford Taurus is simple. Follow the steps carefully above and in no time, your car’s compass will be up and running. You can now begin to enjoy this feature and should it bog down and get off, then you need not panic as you know what to do this time around. With the compass up and running, making sure that you know your way around whatever town you visit is easy.


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