How To Change which Doors Unlock on a Toyota HSD Prius

Modern times call for modern amenities. These days, most automotive manufacturers include a host of security and convenience features in their cars. For example, while power windows and centralized locking systems used to be luxury accessories and were often aftermarket add-ons, manufacturers now include these as built-in options in most car trims. Toyota, for example, has its TVSS or the Toyota Vehicle Security System, which can be found on a range of models, from the entry-level Corollas to the top-of-the-line Camry and even the Lexus marque.

Alongside performance and style, though, Toyota is involved in an automotive revolution known as hybrid technology. The Prius is perhaps the most popular among electric-gasoline hybrids. You don’t only get to save on fuel and help conserve the environment with your Prius, but it’s also a technologically-advanced car. One other technology introduced with the Prius is the Smart Key System, with which you can actually enter your car without having to press any button on the key. Just carrying the key fob near the car and touching the handle will let you open the doors.

However, some users find concern with the fact that if you touch the driver’s door handle, only the driver’s side door will unlock. The passenger doors only unlock when you touch the passenger door’s handle. The Prius’ Smart Key System can be set up with different settings, which you can easily customize.

  • By default, opening the passenger’s side door will unlock the rest of the doors. Meanwhile, opening the driver’s side handle will only unlock the driver’s door.
  • You can cycle through the locking settings by pressing and holding the door lock button, and then pressing and holding the panic button. Hold the buttons for about five seconds.
  • The car should beep. Let go of the buttons and then test your settings. If you had done it correctly, touching the driver’s side door handle should now unlock all doors.
  • Press and hold down the lock and panic buttons again. The next setting should set the system such that the driver, hatch and passenger doors will unlock individually. You will need to touch the passenger door’s handle to unlock the passenger’s doors.
  • Simply cycle through the settings until you find the ideal one. You will hear a beep every time you have successfully moved through the cycle and changed the setting.

These settings can be useful in a variety of scenarios, particularly those involving security. Unlocking all doors by default is a convenience that a lot of people like, especially if you have kids, or if you always have family members riding along. However, this can be a security risk. You might unlock your car, and someone might unsuspectingly open the passenger doors and enter your car. Customizing your preferences and settings will help you secure your Prius better. Setup your security settings according to need. If you think you will be more secure with having only the driver’s door unlock, then choose this setting. Otherwise, unlocking every door gives you the most convenience.


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