How To Choose a Combo Alarm System for an SUV

Owning a sport utility vehicle (SUV) gives you two important responsibilities. First, you should maintain it properly. Value-wise, it is definitely one of your more expensive investments. Second, you should secure it adequately. An SUV is obviously a hot item for car thieves.

Between the two tasks, choosing the appropriate combo alarm system for your SUV is evidently more challenging. But don’t fret. Here are some practical measures to guide you:  

1. Before purchasing your SUV, talk to your car dealer. Inquire about the specific type of alarm your SUV requires. Getting the specific details upfront solves half of your concerns. Also, your car dealer may readily recommend the alarm features, and/or some reliable suppliers, as part of their sales perks.

2. Canvass the market. Compare and contrast all of your available options. Ask your friends for some referrals. They may know mechanics and auto part dealers in the area that could offer fair deals. Then, get a second opinion, or perhaps, additional tips, online. Learn more about installation procedures, price quotes, and other useful instructions. You may also read about ratings and reviews straight from satisfied customers.

3. Personalize your alarm system features. Start with a list of all possible items. Identify which ones suit your needs. You may also consider combining some of them to come up with a more apt setup or to save on cost.

4. Know more about the technical stuff. Be more familiar with these three salient vehicle alarm features, namely: the glass break sensors, the remote outputs, and the passive arming mechanisms.

When someone attempts to smash the glass of your SUV or tries to open its door, the break sensors would trigger your alarm system. So, make sure that your break sensors are highly dependable.

Meanwhile, remote outputs allow you to do a number of things. They are tailored to provide extra convenience and added security. They let you start your SUV, control windows, and open doors – all without using the vehicle’s key. Simply put, they provide you easy access in thwarting any case of intrusion to your SUV.

And, of course, the passive arming mechanisms serve as a backup system. For instance, if you happen to forget to set your alarm, the mechanisms would automatically do it for you within 15 or 20 seconds. It becomes your 24-hour bodyguard (or guardian angel).

5. Buy according to your budget. Don’t overspend. Just purchase the alarm gadgets that your SUV needs.

6. Install with caution. When you have bought everything, you are set to decide on one more important thing. Could you install the alarm system on your own?  Or would you need professional help?  If you got the system from a mechanic or from an auto shop dealer, installing it might be already part of your purchase. Don’t risk doing it by yourself simply because you could read the manual. However, if you got your system online, the task is yours. When you are in doubt, promptly calling your supplier’s help desk is not a bad idea. Bear in mind, improper installation means waste of time, money, and effort.

Choosing the right combo alarm system for your SUV guarantees security – not just for your valuable investment, but also for you and your loved ones.


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