How To Choose a Performance Tire

If you paid for a car with each wheel costing more than $200 then you have a vehicle with a performance tire. This type of tire makes your car perform better in driving, braking, swerving making your car much safer to drive. A performance tire was commonly used solely in sports cars, yet it has found its way even to your normal family van. Before buying that tire, read on.

  1. Go to Consumer Reports Org. This is a very interesting site where you will see a list of different tire comparisons rated by engineers and road tests. They even do tread life tests and you could read about the downside and the advantage of a particular tire. They do not work for any particular institution so they will give you their honest take on the tires they test. Unfortunately, they do charge a minimal fee for joining but it will be worth it for they have a variety of products you can search for.
  2. Speak to a mechanic. A mechanic should know about the best performance tires in the market. They could tell a bit about performance ratings and which ones wear easily. Who knows, by being a bit friendly with him, you might get a hefty discount off his services by the next car check up.
  3. Consider the following:
  • Cost. Let’s face it, If you want that tire with the speed rating that could compete in a Formula One Racing then you’d better have major cash in your pocket. The best tires are the most expensive as everything else usually goes. Think about it and be prepared.
  • Tread. The tread design of tires is not noticeable when you start to drive but you have to consider its function. A blocky tread pattern is something to brag about yet the appearance is just next to its primary advantage. This type of tread pattern when driven sidelong adheres well to the ground. The traction can save you from accidents when you decide to speed up.
  • Noise. Be aware that cars with some types of performance tires do cause a lot of noise. So If you live in a quiet village where there is peace and quiet, then prepare to wake everyone up if you plan a joyride in the middle of the night.
  • Brand. Brands usually do not mean quality for some products but brand does matter when it comes to tires. Expensive performance tires are tested thoroughly by experts and spent thousands of dollars on due these might pose safety risks for drivers. Cooper Tire, an American brand is one you can trust. Do not forget to include Bridgestone Tires when you search for brands that can give you the widest variety of tires from ultra high performance to snow tires.

Performance tires are critical in having a well functioning vehicle. Think about the tire you can buy depending on your need and where you use it for. Choose the right fit.


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