How To Choose Automotive Hydraulics and Seals

Hydraulics is simply defined as liquid engineering. In other terms, hydraulics is also related to liquid power wherein it uses liquids to generate and transmit energy.

Hydraulics is commonly used in different kinds of machinery. It can be used in lifting machines, towing machines, moving machines and almost all kinds of vehicles like airplanes and automotives.

The use of hydraulics in automotive is called automotive hydraulics. There are three different parts included in automotive hydraulics. First is the gear pump, which uses different kinds of gears to pump out the fluid to the engine. The purpose of this gear pump is to increase the power steering capability of an automotive thereby increasing the speed. Another part is the hydraulic valve. It distributes and controls the liquid flow and flow rate. The last part is called a hydraulic motor. It is the one responsible in starting the engine and for keeping the brakes working.

Among the different parts of an automotive hydraulics, the hydraulic pump is the most important gear needed for an automotive or a machine to work properly. There are several factors considered in choosing which hydraulic pump fits your machinery or automotive:

  1. Operating pressure. Operating pressure is categorized into four different levels. The first one is the extremely high level pressure. This is used in heavy machinery or machines that are used to lift objects. Some examples are tow trucks and bulldozers. The second is the high level pressure. This is used in construction equipment, such as drillers and mechanical pulleys. The third is the medium level pressure. This is used for heavy duty trucks. The last one is the low level pressure. This is the type most commonly used in cars.
  2. Temperature control. It is important for a hydraulic pump to maintain a balanced temperature for it to work properly. Cold hydraulic pumps can cause your engine to freeze making the car stop and hot hydraulic pumps can cause your engine to overheat.

Some manufacturers that are known in the market for production of high quality hydraulic pumps and other automotive equipment are Vickers Pump Corporation, Parker Hannifin Corporation and Intertech Company.

Together with hydraulics is another important part called seal. Seal is used to prevent leakage especially when pressure is applied. There are different kinds of seals available and varies on how much pressure it can prevent. It can be a light duty seal, heavy duty seal, o-ring seal or automotive V-seals.

In choosing the best seal for your automotive, you have to consider the quality of its components, which are discussed below.

  1. Piston. This is the most important component of a seal that prevents the fluid from leaking from the pump by retaining against the edge of the pump
  2. Rod. This is used to prevent leakage and to exclude contaminants. An effective rod seal should be designed properly to adapt to inconsistent changes in temperature and pressure.
  3. Guide rings. These are used to ensure that the piston and the rod are intact so that it would be able to take a higher level of pressure.
  4. O-rings. These are used to prolong the lifespan of the seal by making it stronger.

Choosing the right automotive hydraulics and seals will improve your car’s performance. It can also lessen the frequency of maintenance, which will of course allow you to save more money.


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