How To Choose the Right Replacement Gas Cap

Several important innovations in the automobile manufacturing industry include much better designs of gas caps. While most consumers do not consider the importance of gas caps, these are actually a very important component in any motor vehicle with engines running on gasoline. Gas caps ensure that no amount of the fuel evaporate into the air. Because of this, consumers, specifically car owners, get to save a bundle on their yearly gasoline purchases. Add to that the minimized release of harmful gases into the air. No one wants to breathe in air with carcinogenic gases such as benzene used as an additive in gasoline.

Another important function of gas caps is that they're fire deterrents. Imagine getting involved in a rather harmless car crash. You thought you and your car would get out unscathed, but unfortunately, because of an ignored leaking gas cap, the accident ended up terribly. With the fuel seeping out of the gasoline tank, an otherwise minor car crash results in a raging fire devouring your car.

Newer models and makes of cars now have been equipped with a sensor that is able to detect and alarm the car user when the gas cap is not properly attached, or worse, has substantial leaks. Ever notice how the Check Engine light does not go off even if you have checked everything thoroughly and are quite certain that nothing is the matter with the car and its components? Well, think again. It is most likely the gas cap. If removing and resealing the gas cap a number of times does not solve the blinking Check Engine light, it is high time you buy a replacement gas cap, and fast.

Since gas caps are a common replacement item carried by all auto parts stores, you should know how to choose the right replacement gas cap. Your best resource for this dilemma would be your car user's manual.  Recommendations and suggestions on buying gas caps will be stated in the manual. This is especially true if you are thinking of buying an aftermarket gas cap instead of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gas cap. Once you are certain of which to buy, just head out to the local auto parts store to purchase one. If possible, try out the product first before buying it, then by all means do so. Make sure that the cap fits snugly into the spout of the gas tank. While you're at it, turn on the ignition to see if the Check Engine sensor does not go off with the replacement gas cap as this will surely indicate that you've gotten the right one.


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