How To Compare a Single and Dual Exhaust System

Every vehicle comes with an exhaust system that functions to extricate burned gases from the engine. An exhaust system can either be single or dual. Single exhaust has one large pipe that expels burned gases, while dual is made up of two pipes. Although they perform practically the same thing, single and dual exhaust systems have slight differences in performance and result. If you are currently deciding which type of exhaust system to use in your vehicle, it is helpful if you compare the two. Here are some tips.

  • Compare horsepower. Engine horsepower is one of the first things to consider when choosing an exhaust system. You have to remember that you need to choose the exhaust system that delivers increased horsepower. Generally, dual exhaust system performs better in this area. Because of its second pipe, dual exhaust system releases more burned gas a lot faster, which, in effect, increases horsepower.
  • Find out difference in gas mileage. You want the exhaust system that increases gas mileage. An increase in gas mileage is achieved when there is less engine back pressure and no wasted power and especially when the engine works more efficiently. Compared to single exhaust system, dual generally yields better gas mileage.
  • Consider the size of the pipes. The size of the pipes contributes to the performance of the exhaust system. If the pipes are narrower, burned gas can pass much more quickly. And this results in better engine performance and increased torque. Between the two, dual exhaust system makes use of smaller pipes.
  • Take note of the size of the engine. Considering the size of the engine is also important. Usually a small engine can only accommodate a single exhaust system. Some engines, on the other hand, have dual exhaust manifolds that can have room for dual exhaust system.
  • Know the sound performance. Although sound performance doesn’t have anything to do with the general mechanics of the exhaust system, a deep, rasping noise level is usually more preferred especially by car aficionados. There is something in this guttural sound that appeals to the ears and which is generally attributed to high engine performance. If you compare the two, dual exhaust system gives off this kind of exhaust system sound.
  • Consider engine performance. Generally, what you want is an exhaust system that improves engine performance and even prolongs the engine’s lifespan. You can achieve this by choosing an exhaust system that promotes smoother engine operation, yields lower operating temperature, and decreases back pressure.

There are many kinds of exhaust systems in the market today. Some even have the combined power of single and dual exhaust systems. Therefore, when you are choosing what type of exhaust system to use, get as many information as you can. Know the advantages and disadvantages of the exhaust systems of your choice and choose that which can meet your needs. It will help if you also consider reading reviews to make a guided decision. Reviews authored by car experts are available online.


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