How To Convert Your Car to Natural Gas

Filling up the car

With gas prices at all time highs and no end in sight, we could all use a way to run our cars on cheaper cleaner fuel.  Well, that technology is here with the ability convert your car to run on natural gas.  Yes, this is the same gas that may heat your home or what you use to run your barbeque.  This has now become a viable solution to reducing your dependence on traditional gasoline.  Listed below are the steps to converting your car to be able to run on natural gas.  

Step 1

Is it a smart investment?

Before you begin the conversion process, analyze whether it is a smart investment.  The conversion to natural gas is fairly expensive and you will want to make sure it makes sense to upgrade the car.  In some instances it may be more cost effective to go ahead and buy a new car that already runs on natural gas.  

Step 2

Consult with a specialist.

Converting your car to natural gas is no easy process, and unless you are a well trained in car mechanics it may be necessary for you to consult an expert.  At this point the mechanic should help you decide whether it is a feasible process, and what the cost will be.     

Step 3

Can your vehicle handle the added weight? 

Converting your car to natural gas is going to add substantial weight to your vehicle.  The CNG canisters needed to house the natural gas can weight up to 500lbs.  

Step 4

Check with EPA.

Be sure to read up on EPA standards for converting your car to natural gas.  Make sure your car has been approved for conversion with a certificate of conformity.  

Step 5

Dual fuel system?

If you want you car to be versatile you can install a dual fuel system.  This allows your car to also run on diesel with just the flip of a switch.  

Step 6

Refueling station.

There are a few options for what to do about refueling your car.  The most convenient option is to have a refueling station installed at your house.  This may require special permits, but is the easiest way to refuel.  If you are not comfortable with a station at you house, research where local natural gas stations are in you area.  

Step 7

Buy a conversion kit.

Do some research on conversion kits and the places that sell them.  Talk to your mechanic and consider his advice on the matter.  A kit will come with everything you need to convert your car to natural gas, and the next step is simply following the directions to install it.  

Gas prices may come down or may go back up.  But, why be hostage to gasoline prices when there is an alternative way to run you car on clean natural gas?  This is the technology of the future, and a great way to save some money.     

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