How To Cool a Car Without an A/C

Air conditioning is a very nice thing to have in your car but some cars, for one reason or another, do not have air conditioning and that is when it becomes important to know some quick ways to cool a car without an A/C unit installed or operating.  In the middle of July it is never a good idea to travel without some way to protect yourself from the heat and if you do not have the financial resources to repair your A/C or install a unit that works then here are some ideas that you can use to keep your car cool in the summer.

One of the things that cause the temperature to rise in your car is the heat from the sun bearing down directly on your car through the windshield while it's parked.  You can cool your car without an A/C in the summer by leaving all your windows rolled down a half inch while the car is parked and putting something in the windshield to block out the sun.  You can usually purchase a windshield shade for your vehicle for only a couple of dollars and this will help to insure that the heat from the sun does not spend all day turning your car into an oven.

You can expand on the windshield shade idea by tinting your windows to block out the sun’s heat as well.  You can get a window tinting kit for a relatively small amount of money from any local auto parts store and then that will help you keep the heat from the sun out of your car all day long.  Remember that much of the heat of a summer day comes from the sun’s rays so the more of those rays you can keep out of your car the cooler your car will be.

Of course the most efficient way to cool your car without an A/C unit is to roll the windows down and the plural word windows is important here because only rolling down one window does not help nearly as much as opening all the windows and allowing the breeze from outside to circulate through the car.  A rolled down window becomes less effective when you are stuck in slow moving traffic jam on the interstate and there is no air flowing through the open window or when it is pouring rain and you cannot open the window at all.  So what do you do?  There are many different types and models of dashboard fans that you can buy that provide a very refreshing and constant breeze regardless of whether the car is moving or not.  All you need is a cigarette lighter, or power outlet, in your car to plug the fan into and then you are enjoying the benefits of an effective dashboard fan.

You can cool your car without an A/C unit if you just use your head and remember that rolling down the window is not always the best answer.  Keep the sun’s heat rays out of your car and find a dashboard fan to keep the air moving and you should be just fine.


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