How To Customize a Dashboard Light

Whenever a person purchases a new vehicle, the lights on the dashboard is pretty standard based on the stock specs of the brand and model. While this should not pose any problem for most people, some people consider this as something that should be changed, altered, and customized. The lights of the dashboard can be that single customization that will put the owner’s personal touch in the car. For instance, racing car enthusiasts may change the stock yellow or green colored lights on the dashboard to a nice neon blue or orange in order to create the image of a more modern interior for the vehicle most commonly seen in custom-racing cars. This being said, if you are looking to customize the lights on your dashboard, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Remove the cover. Obviously, you will not be able to replace the lights on the dashboard if you don’t or can’t remove the cover made of plastic first. All right, the way to remove the cover will vary based on brand and model. Normally, the instructions to this will be included in the vehicle’s user manual however, if the instructions are nowhere to be found, you can either consult the manufacturer of the vehicle or bring your vehicle to a mechanic who can show you how to remove the cover.
  • Replace the stock bulbs. The customization of your dashboard lights can be as simple as through the replacement of the stock bulbs installed on the panel. The stock bulbs will normally be clear ones so if you replace these with colored bulbs of your choice, the dashboard should easily change color instantly when turned on. Now, when replacing the bulbs, it is important to make sure that the replacements are of the same size and amperage.
  • Install track lights. Instead of the idea of simply replacing the stock bulbs, you can opt for something much more complex yet extremely personal such as track lights. The track lights will line up the whole circular shape of the various gauges on the panel. The complicated part about this is that you may have to rewire some parts of the dashboard to do this. If you have the knowledge to do it, then go for it. If not, make sure to consult a car electrician before proceeding.
  • Consider replacing the whole dashboard panel. This idea can be somewhat drastic but it is still a way to make your mark on your vehicle. The stock dashboard panel can actually be replaced by custom dashboard panels featuring a different lighting scheme, gauge setup and visibility, and additional custom images. Bear in mind that this idea of replacing the whole panel is probably the most complicated customizations you can do since you will be required to rewire and reconfigure the settings of the dashboard. For this job, it is highly recommended to have a professional do it for you unless, of course, you can an expert in car electronics and electrical.

Regardless of what you do to your dashboard, make sure to always keep the stock parts (bulbs, panels, etc…) safe and sound just in case you need to reinstall them later on--specifically when the time comes to sell and replace the car with a new one.


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