How To Customize a Minivan

There are probably a hundred different reasons why a person would want to customize a minivan but only one reason justifies the whole thing, the personal touch. Like any other type of vehicle, a minivan can be customized to create the interior and exterior presence the owner wants to always experience. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • The paint job. All right, this is probably the most expensive customization you can ever do on your minivan. Basically, what you will be doing is having a paint professional work on your minivan to replace the existing plain and dull color to something more suitable to your tastes. The process will entail stripping the existing paint job to metal and then methodically applying layers and coats of new paint on your minivan. Now, if you want a specific design on the exterior such as a logo or face or simply want the paint job to sparkle or change color depending on the angle of the light hitting it, then this will definitely cost you extra. Nevertheless, if you have the money for it and want to have a unique looking minivan, this is one way to get it customized.
  • The rims. Upon purchasing your minivan, it will probably come with stock rims. Replacing these with chrome or colored rims can significantly alter the look of your van from the outside. Bear in mind though, this can be quite heavy on the wallet as well. The price tag of the rims you choose will be dependent on the brand, the size, and the material it is made of. Nevertheless, if money is not an issue, then this is a real customization option you can explore. All you really need to do is visit your local wheel and rim supply shop and pick out the new rims. Sometimes, the shop owner may allow trade-ins, which can save you a great deal of money. This means that you can trade-in your existing rims and add a little cash to purchase the new rims. Not a bad deal, huh? 
  • The interior. The customizations you can do the interior of the minivan is limitless. You can change the stock seat covers with a custom-made set, you can change the entire set of seats with whatever you like be it a set of custom-made racing seats, a set of captain’s chairs, or even a sofa. Or, you can remove all the seats at the back of the van and replace them with a high-tech audio set up that can rock your eardrums as you drive. Aside from the seats, you can replace the stock upholstery and carpeting with new ones as well, custom-made ones if you prefer.  
  • Interior lighting. Another customization option is the interior lighting. For instance, the dashboard lights can be replaced and customized. Remove the panel and replace the clear bulbs with ones of a different color. If that is not enough, you can replace the entire dashboard as well. This will require some rewiring so it is highly recommended to leave this job to a professional.
  • Audio system. Your minivan could be setup with a state-of-the-art audio system. Replace the onboard audio system and speakers with those that will provide you with extra thump. If you desire, you can make your minivan into a moving theater as well. Install a large LCD at the back couple with a DVD system offering 7.1 surround sound. Heck, you can even plug in a gaming console if you so desire. It is entirely up to you on how you want it however; since this setup will require rewiring and mounting, you might want to have a professional work on this.

These are some ideas you can tinker with when it comes to customizing your minivan. Now, there are probably a hundred more ideas you can consider, and that is fine. However, the bottom line here is that you are able to put your fingerprint on your minivan especially if you plan to drive it for a good five to 10 years of your motoring life.


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