How To Customize Auto Upholstery

Improving your car isn’t all about changing how it looks from the outside. Don’t neglect your car’s interiors; after all, what matters more than how your car looks like is how comfortable it is to ride in. There are many ways to ensure that those who ride your car are in for a treat: one is by making sure that your car smells really fresh always (click this article for some tips how), and another is to make the seats comfortable. You could always go to your trusted auto shop and get your car’s upholstery serviced, or you might want to try doing this project for yourself. Consider this option only if you can commit to finishing this project all in one go (you wouldn’t want to be stuck with unfinished auto upholstery) and if you have enough skill and patience for do-it-yourself projects. With that being said, here are ways to custom your auto upholstery:

  • Pick up an auto upholstery kit. There are some commercially available, ready-to-install auto upholstery kits that are made for specific brands and models of cars. You’ll just have to remove the old car seat covers and replace them with the materials from the kit. Just make sure that you buy the correct kit for the specific car that you have. You could also take the time to measure the dimensions of your car seats to be doubly sure that you are buying the appropriate-sized covers for them.
  • Choose the color and type of fabric. Apart from the size of the car seats, you should also take the time to consider the best type of material for your upholstery. It’s recommended that you choose ultra suede, ultra leather or vinyl, for the classiest effect. You should also choose a cut-pile carpeting (over the loop type), which is easy to maintain and sturdy.
  • Know how to remove the seats. Removing the seats will help you remove the old upholstery and secure the new one more easily and efficiently. The car seat covers themselves can be removed by removing the seams using a seam ripper. If you’re planning to  sew your own seat covers (attempt to do this only if you have had adequate experience in tailoring or sewing), make sure that you keep the original pattern intact to guide you.
  • Put in the new seat covers. Again, how you do this will depend on whether you want to use materials from an upholstery kit, or if you’d rather make your own from scratch. If you want to make your own, make sure that you use heavy-duty thread and that you do triple-stitching; in short, focus on making your handiwork very, very sturdy. Regularly inspect whether the seat cover you are making fits the seats snugly; if it’s too loose, you’d have to readjust the size.
  • Put back the seats. Reinstall the seats, and sit back to examine your handiwork!

Remember, customizing your auto upholstery is not exactly a very simple thing to do. Though technically you’d just have to make sure that the covers fit the seats excellently, this will entail patience and eye for detail. You might want to practice on less complicated upholstery projects first, before you embark on customizing the upholstery of your car.


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