How To Customize Vintage Motorbikes

Vintage motorbikes are generally motorbikes that are from the early 1900s. These bikes are so old, yet a lot of people are fascinated by them. If you're planning to get a vintage motorcycle, here are some tips on how to customize it. 

1. Know your budget. This is probably one of the most important things that you have to consider. Customizing a vintage motorbike can be very expensive. Be ready to shell out a lot of cash because motorbike parts will cost you a lot. 

2. Look for vintage motorcycle reference books. Now that you know how much your budget is, you can look to reference books for pictures to more or less know how you want your motorbike to look like after the customization. Or if you're planning to do the customization on your own, look for reference books that will teach you how to or that will help you get familiar with motorbike parts. 

3. Look for vintage restorers. Depending on your motorbike brand and model, look for vintage restorers that know how it works. Not all motorbike mechanics are familiar with vintage models, most only work with new models, racing motorbikes, ATVs or scooters. Make sure that you entrust your vintage motorcycle to a reputable restorer. Here are some companies that offer vintage motorcycle restoration and sales. 

  • Baxter Cycle. This vintage motorcycle restoration company is based in Marne, Iowa. Aside from doing vintage motorcycle restoration, they offer new, used, vintage, and project bikes. They also offer Triumph accessories and clothing, Baxter Cycle books and calendars, and late model salvage parts. You can visit their website at or call them up at 1-712-781-2351.
  • Barry's American Motorcycles. This vintage motorcycle restoration company is based in Decatur, Illinois. Aside from vintage motorcycle restoration, they also offer affordable items for classic Harley Davidson Motorcycles. They also offer Harley Davidson motor clothing, helmets, head wear, chopper t-shirts, novelties, jackets, chaps, and leather vests. You can visit their website at or call them up at 1-217-864-3747.

4. Look for parts suppliers. More often than not, vintage restorers know parts suppliers. But it will also help you try to look for parts suppliers that can offer you great deals, especially if you're planning to do the restoration on your own. If you are on a tight budget, you can look for after-market manufacturers. These are suppliers that offer motorbike parts that are outside of the original equipment manufacturers. This means that the parts are not of the same brands as the ones which were used in the original model, but they work just the same. 

5. Component inspection, repair, and final assembly. If you're planning to do the custom motorcycle by yourself, you need to take down the motorcycle into its component parts. A motorcycle's component parts consist of the engine, the fuel system, the exhaust system, the ignition system, the transmissions, the frames, the front forks, the wheels and hubs, the brakes, the handlebars and controls, the wiring and electrics, and the paint and bodywork. Then you'll have to thoroughly check it all, and replace the ones that are no longer working or the ones that you want to customize. The final part is putting it back together and making sure it works as a whole. 

Customization of vintage motorbikes takes a lot of time and money, so you'd better get yourself really prepared for this project. If you are on a tight budget, customize the non-working or cheap parts first, then go from there.


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