How To Find a Number Plate Maker: UK and Singapore

Are you looking for a plate number maker specifically in the UK and Singapore? If you are, here are the online plate makers:

  1. Plate Creator. This online plate maker site is located at It is the leading supplier of both legal style plates as well as show plates for the following: motorbikes, commercial, disability as well as agricultural vehicles, and cars. Unlike other companies, they offer their clients hand made plates with the best materials in the market. Most probably, Plate Creator is all mostly about custom plate numbers. They provide packages such as the price you pay will include packaging and free fixing as well as postage. Plate Creator strives to be the best plate supplier in UK and other countries as well. They are located in Ireland and have been in the business for almost twenty years. They offer business through Internet marketing. Plate Creator is best in the following fields of work: (a) classic number plates, (b) car legal style plates, (c) bike show plates, and (d) design number plates.
  2. Speedi Plates. Speedi Plates could be found at It is an online store in which you can purchase plates as well as car accessories with the lowest prices. Speedi Plates promises a 30% less for all its products and services. Speedi Plates are known for their products such as number plates, car number plates, number plate maker, and show plate. Their site also offers a customizable plate builder. It is interactive software that allows its user to input information such as plate registration and plate design. The main goal of this company is to: provide high quality service to its shoppers; answer all inquiries from its clients and potential buyers; react to all modes of communications pertaining to the plate making industry; offer discounts and freebies for all customers; and establish a leading retailer for UK and other countries.
  3. 4Plates. You can reach 4plates through their website at It is one of the leading web suppliers for plate maker for both custom and standard black number plates. They also offer their clients customized and ready to use plate designs. They also provide their clients with the right to customize their plate number at the ease of their house. They also provide different payment methods (such as WorldPay and PayPal) to suit their client’s needs and preferences. 4Plates also ensure the confidentiality of their client’s details. 4Plates also ensure that all their car accessories and plates meet the standard requirements. In addition to this, this company specializes in car reg plates, show number plates, and bike plates.
  4. Moto Show Plates. Their website is located at They offer customized plate numbers, in which the plate size, text style, badge, border, background, slogan, and fitting are also modified. They offer standard plates, motorcycle plates, import plates, and model specific plates. This site offers cheap, quality service and quick delivery. They also present different ways of fitting plates such as sticky pad, screw kit, and plate holders.

Choose from the above mentioned sites and get the best plate for your vehicle.


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