How To Find the Door Security Code for a Ford Explorer

It is a headache to be locked out of your car and you can see your car keys inside it. When there is no way for you to get the spare key, what is usually done is for the driver of the vehicle to call a locksmith to open the car door. With some of the modern car models like the Ford Explorer, there is a keyless keypad that is factory set. This allows the driver to open and lock doors and open liftgate windows. It is a very convenient feature that can give you maximum security against car theft but what if you forgot the five number combination and you have locked yourself out of your car? Asking the car dealer for the code will be quite expensive. It will cost you almost a hundred dollars to get the code. The tips below will show you how to find the door security code for a Ford Explorer without spending a cent.

  • The location of the door security code varies depending on the year the Ford Explorer was made. In the 1995 to 2001 models, the door security code can be found in the rear compartment of the car, near where the car jack is stored. In the 2002 to 2007 models, it can be found inside the car, in the right panel behind the window in the middle row of the car just below the seat belt mechanism on the right front seat or somewhere else.
  • For the earlier models you access the code through the car’s rear compartment. Open the door and look for the left removable panel. It is attached with two screws. Loosen and remove these screws so that you can take the panel out. The door security code is printed on a sticker attached to the module that controls the keyless door mechanism. It is a box that is called the Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module. It can be difficult to locate and you have to use a flashlight and possibly a small mirror to find it. The security code is printed on a sticker that is posted on one side of the module, facing the inner side of the fender well. Copy the code and replace the paneling and screw it back in place.
  • For the newer models, you have to enter the car and look at the back of the right front seat, near the side of the car. There will two panels here. You have to remove the top panel first then remove the bottom panel. Just like in the older models of Ford Explorer, the security code is printed on a sticker that is attached to one side of the module.
  • These are not the only locations where you can find the security code. It can be found inside the glove compartment. Sometimes it can be found under the dashboard or on an inconspicuous part of the steering column. Your Ford Explorer manual will have the information on where you can find the keyless door security code for your particular model.

Do not rely on your memory to remember the door security code. The best thing you can do is copy the code and write it on your car manual or place it together with the documents related to your car. This way even if you forgot the code you can call home and ask someone to look through the files to find it.


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