How To Find Volkswagen Beetle Accessories

Volkswagen surely hit the jackpot when they designed and first sold the Beetle as the “people’s car” in Germany in the early 20th century. There was simply nothing like it in the road. Even though it’s relatively inexpensive to manufacture and own, there’s something about the iconic design and style of the Beetle that has endeared the car to many motorists around the world for decades. From the signature rounded roof to the very voluptuous hood and glass panels, the Volkswagen Beetle has an innate charm that is hard to deny. While most cars have evolved much through the decades, little has changed with the Beetle .

Even when the Beetle got a brand new look thanks to Volkswagen’s sleek makeover of the classic model, the new car was still loyal to the general theme and look of the vehicle. The new make of the Beetle has had mixed reactions from Beetle loyalists, as well as those who weren’t around to see the glory days of the classic. The new Beetle is bigger and more expensive, compared to its compact and inexpensive ancestor. Still, it has won the hearts of many fans and aficionados.

It comes no surprise then that Volkswagen continues to be very popular nowadays. Both the classic and new Beetle are very well received by those in the car industry. Volkswagen continues to be very popular even in used car sales lots. Of course, once you have acquired your Beetle, the next step would be to spruce it up with Volkswagen accessories. There are a handful of aftermarket accessories that can help you make your Beetle look more unique.

  1. Dealerships. Your Volkswagen dealership in your local area would definitely have the best accessories for your car. Most likely, these would carry accessories for the New Beetle, as the classic has long gone out of production, except in some markets like Brazil and Mexico, where the classic had been produced up to the late 1990’s. Still, some dealerships might carry aftermarket accessories for the classic Beetle.
  2. Car shows and car fairs. Car fairs usually happen only once a year, but there are often different car shows in a year, which feature different themes and types of cars. Most dealerships and aftermarket auto suppliers would get a booth or two in these events in an effort to showcase their cars and accessories. Accessory prices at auto fairs are usually slashed dramatically from the store prices, so you can definitely score a good deal for yourself.
  3. VW car clubs. Being the iconic classic, the Volkswagen Beetle is one of those cars that people form clubs around. There are various VW car clubs around the country, and even around the world. These Beetle owners meet regularly and hold events, contests and car cruises around the country. Some members might be owners of aftermarket accessory sellers, and these often give discounts to fellow members.
  4. The Internet. And of course, there’s the Internet. There are plenty of websites that offer Beetle accessories and it’s a full range from the most classic series, even to the new Beetle. It might be best to go for local directory listings, such as, so you can save on shipping, or you can go and visit the accessory store yourself, to see if the accessories fit your car perfectly.

Some people prefer their cars to be as stock as possible. But if you’re the type who prefers to personalize your vehicle with aftermarket accessories, or at least increase the utility of your car with added gadgets and gizmos, then there are a lot of places where you can look.


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