How To Fix a Broken Convertible Top

Convertible tops are a very resourceful invention. Who would not want to suck in loads of fresh, crisp air and bask in the sun while driving in the spring? But however you maintain that car, there are sure to be instances when you are faced with a broken or stuck convertible top. Here are a few hints to help you in your dilemma.

  1. Check the convertible top switch. As we all know, convertible tops are connected to the car's overall electrical system and therefore is run by electricity. So of course, it is natural that convertible top switches are available in every vehicle with a retractable roof system. Before entertaining any thoughts about some really serious damage causing your car's convertible top to stop working, better check the switch first. It is typically located in the trunk, positioned right beside the covering of the left or right tail light. The switch should be set to automatic, not manual. If the switch is properly set, then other things are causing the problem.
  2. Assess what is causing the broken convertible top. The most common cause of a broken or stuck convertible top is improperly positioned or damaged hinges. These hinges function by holding your car convertible top in place, whether opened or closed. Check to see if busted hinges are the culprit behind the stuck convertible top. If the hinges are in good condition, then check the convertible top struts. These are the mechanisms that lift the convertible top. Lift struts deteriorate due to wear and tear and will need to be replaced if it's the source of the problem. Another very common reason for a stuck convertible top is the worn out elastic straps. Furthermore, the convertible top's fuse could be blown out and as a result it's causing the convertible top to stop working.
  3. Repair and replace if necessary. If busted hinges are the culprit, then they need to be replaced. Properly uninstall the hinges and bring these with you to the hardware store to get correct replacements. If lift struts are what's causing it, then it should be replaced. However, this type of repair may require a seasoned professional's expertise so you may need to bring your car to the shop for the purpose. Plastic elastic straps, on the other hand, can be easily replaced with fresh ones. Just make sure that you properly measure the length so that you know how much elastic fabric to buy. Just sew the replacement strap into its respective place. Lastly, check the fuse box to see if the fuse corresponding to the convertible top system is blown out. If yes, then turn off the engine first before popping the fuse out to remove it. Bring this with you to the hardware store to get the same voltage and ampere capacity. With the right fuse replacement, simply slide in the fuse into its proper slot. You should hear a clicking sound as the fuse snaps into place. Simply start the engine of the car to check if the replacement fuse resolved it.

If performing all of these steps still does not work out and you still have a broken or stuck convertible top in front of you, then chances are you will need to deliver your car to your trusted mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair. Just hope and pray that it does not rain when you do so.


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