How To Fix a Car CD player

Most cars these days come equipped with a CD player. Sometimes you can’t control the CD player’s quality and CD problems may rise later. Because a CD player is an electronic gadget, you should be careful in trying to decipher its problem. Although it looks high tech and complicated, some troubleshooting for it to work is fairly simple. Before opening up your dashboard, here are things you should do when your car’s CD player won’t play a tune:

  • Check the music quality. Does the music skip? Check your CD, it may have scratches or it may not be compatible to the player. There are some CDs written on blank ones don’t play in certain CD players. If this happens, get another CD, preferably an original, and put it in the player. If the music is still skipping, clean your player with a lens cleaner (usually comes in the form of a CD).
    If you don’t have a CD lens cleaner, you can use a cotton swab to reach in and clean the dust or dirt from the lens. Use another swab, dosed with alcohol, and wipe the lens gently. Be sure not to soak the player.
  • Check your connections. If you don’t hear any music coming out of one or both of the speakers, you should check the connection from the player to the speakers. Check which speaker is not working by turning the balance knob left and right. This would be the time to open up your dashboard or the side panels of your car doors (for the speakers). Be sure the cables are plugged in properly.
  • Check your player’s opening mechanism. Sometimes your player’s CD opening won’t work – if there’s a CD stuck in it. Don’t forcibly pull the CD out f the player. You might get cut with the edges of the disk. Turn the power on and press the “reset” button. It is usually a very tiny indentation on the face of the player. You will need to use a thin object like a pen, toothpick or a paper clip to push the reset button.
  • Check your car battery. Your car battery might be too weak to power up everything in your car and the first thing that usually goes dead is your CD player. If your car battery is more than a year old, it’s time to buy a new one. If your battery is new, get a fully charged battery and replace your existing battery, if the player still won’t play, you should contact your manufacturer.
  • Check for grounded wirings. You should check your electrical wiring as well. Be sure that the power connected to the player is attached. Check for grounded wires by using an electric meter reader. Be sure the wires are not wet. Ask a qualified car electrician to fix the grounded wires.

One of these suggestions can help you with your CD player’s simple problems. Remember that these are as far as you can go to fix your player. If the player still won’t work, you should call for repairs. Good luck!


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