How To Get XM Radio in a Car

The first ever satellite radio service was XM Radio. XM Radio was opened initially strictly for the North American market servicing people with over a hundred various stations dedicated to music, sports, news, and talk shows. Even with so many other satellite radio services in existence, XM Radio is still one of the major players and industry leaders. To reach a wider audience and market, XM Radio can be transmitted and heard in the comfort and convenience of your car. This is widely due to the fact that a majority of listeners actually listen while driving or riding in their cars. If you are looking to get XM Radio in your car, then here are some steps on how to accomplish that.

Decide on the best option. Alright, to get XM Radio in your car, you will first need to decide on what option will be the most effective for you. Technically, there are three ways to get XM Radio in your car. The first one is to purchase and replace your existing car stereo with a newer model with XM Radio service integrated. Most of the industry leaders in car stereos like Pioneer, Alpine, Blaupunkt, and other known brands will have models that will have XM Radio integrated. The second option is great if you want to retain the services of your existing car stereo. To get XM Radio this way, you will need to purchase and install an add-on that can be connected to your existing car stereo. This is typically a receiver that you will integrate to your car audio system. The third option is typically a favorite since many people already carry modern portable MP3 players like the Apple IPOD or Creative Nuvo. Anyway, some of these portable MP3 players will allow users to connect to XM Radio through their device. If this is the case, then all you have to do is connect your portable MP3 player to your car stereo using a mini jack cable and you are done. Choose what suits you the best.

Purchase the add-ons or use your portable MP3 player. If you went with the second or third option, then reading this part is a must. For the second option, you can purchase the add-on receiver in any electronics and audio store. These can be made by a third party or by XM Radio itself. Normally, the unit will be a separate deck that you will need to install on top or beneath your existing stereo although, you can have it custom installed. In any case, purchase the unit and go to a professional to have it installed neatly and cleanly. On the other hand, if you plan on using your MP3 player, then your existing stereo will need to have a mini jack port on it to be able to connect it to the MP3 player. If it does not have this, then go to a professional to help you with this aspect.

Purchase the new car stereo. If you went with replacing your existing car stereo with a new one that has XM Radio integrated, then all you need to do is visit a car audio and electronics store and purchase the unit within your budget. Make sure to have it professionally installed since removing and installing car stereos can be difficult and risky if you don’t know what you are doing.

Once XM Radio is available in your car, all you need now is to subscribe to the service. Visit the XM Radio website at to sign up, subscribe, and activate the service. The website is useful to view news and promotional events regarding the service as well so make sure to check up on it once in awhile.


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