How To Hardwire an LED Bar in Your Car

It is easy to hardwire an LED bar into your car.  You will need a few tools to make this easier to install.  Before you do any electrical installation of your LED bar be sure to disconnect the battery in your car to avoid hurting you or your car's electrical system.  Disconnect the negative (black/ground) cable first, then the red (positive/hot) cable to avoid injury from sparks during disconnect. You will need a wire-stripping tool, some shrink tube, solder and a soldering gun.  These will make installing your hardwired LED bar into your car easier.

Using the wiring diagram is the easiest way to locate where to splice the hardwire of your LED bar into the lighting system. 

  1. Locate the parking light wiring in the wiring diagram.  Using the wire strippers, locate the nearest location in those wires to strip the wires using your wire strippers.
  2. Using an in-line fuse, if one is not already wired into your LED bar, is a good idea -- to protect the led bar when it is hardwired into the car's lighting system.  Check to see what fuse is needed, based upon the power usage of the LED bar. If you're not sure, ask your local auto parts store for assistance with this part of the install.  They will be able to get you the inline fuse with the right gauge of wire and proper fuse for your hardwire of an LED bar into your car.
  3. Once you have stripped the wires, place the shrink tube onto the wire before soldering the wires together.  Using the solder gun and solder you will solder the wires together. Be sure to solder the hot wires together and the ground wires together, making the hardwire of an LED bar into your car easier.
  4. Once you have soldered the wires together, slide the shrink tube over the soldered area, and using a lighter or other heat source such as a heat gun, shrink the tube onto the soldered area.  Avoid overheating the shrink tube, or you will have to unsolder the wires to replace the shrink tube.

After you have checked your wiring to ensure a solid connection, but before installing the LED bar onto your vehicle, re-connect the battery. Be sure to clean and re-connect the red (positive) cable first, then the black (negative) cable last.  Turn your parking lights on, and your hardwired LED bar should now work properly. Go ahead and install it on your car.


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