How To Haul a Motorcycle in a Pickup Truck

There are several instances when you need to haul your motorcycle to some place. It can be transporting it to the nearest repair shop or transporting it to another place for a bike event. No matter what situation you are in, there is always an easy solution for you. That is hauling your motorcycle through a pickup truck.

Yes, you heard it just right. Using a pickup truck for this purpose is the easiest and most effective way to do so. However, you still have to know how to do it properly so as to ensure that your motorcycle is at its best condition during the hauling process. So here, take note of these tips on how you can haul your motorcycle using a pickup truck:

  1. Prepare a ramp. You very well need to get a ramp that is appropriate for the pickup truck's height. You have to grab the right ramp so as to make the positioning of your bike inside the truck a lot easier and quicker.
  2. Seek help from somebody. Call a family member or a friend to help you push the bike up the ramp towards the truck bed of the pickup. You can roll it until such time that its front tire is already in contact with the pickup's body's front wall.
  3. Position the bike appropriately. You have to place your motorcycle in a position where its weight will be at the center of the pickup truck's bed once the kickstand is locked. Then, place the kickstand down making the bike lean onto it the usual way
  4. Secure the bike. With a ratcheting strap, you need to secure each handle bar and tie it in place in both side railings of the truck. Make sure that the strap is tightened evenly on both sides allowing the bike to still lean on the kickstand without trouble.
  5. Secure the motorcycle's rear. You can use a ratcheting strap for this purpose as well. You just have to secure both of the sides of the bike's rear to the pickup truck's body.
  6. Test whether the bike is safe or not. Here, you can shake the bike from one side to another. If you see any movement, you have to secure the straps a little tighter. This is very important so as to ensure the safety of your motorcycle all throughout the hauling process.
  7. Close the truck's tailgate. When you are certain that your bike is secured on the truck bed, you can already close the tailgate. With this, you are now ready to transport your precious bike to wherever you wish to bring it.

Hauling your motorcycle using this kind of truck is easy granted that you know how to do it the right way. Always keep in mind that this must be done properly all the time. If not, it is you and your motorcycle that will suffer in the end. You definitely will not wish that to happen. Hence, make a way to closely follow these tips for a successful and safe hauling of your bike to any place you wish to transport it.


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