How To Install a Headliner in a Pick-Up Truck

Do you need to install a new headliner in your pickup truck? This is only a sign that your pickup truck is well used and well loved. However, it is something that does need to be done occasionally.

Installing a headliner in a pickup truck is a tricky thing to do, but with some patience you can achieve this yourself. By properly applying the steps outlined below, you be driving around with a new headliner in no time!

  1. In order to take the old headliner off, you must remove all the screws of any accessory that is attached to the headliner, such as the screws in the visors.
  2. Once all of the screws have been removed, you’re ready to remove the old headliner. To do so, start at the dome light in the pickup truck. There should be enough of an opening that you can pull the headliner down.
  3. Continue to pull the headliner down and work your way toward a corner of the cab of the pickup truck. Keep working your way around to each corner of the cab until the headliner is completely removed.
  4. There may be residual material from the old headliner still on the ceiling of the pickup truck’s cab. Remove all of the material and remove any dirt or debris from the headliner board.
  5. Apply glue to the headliner board after it has been cleaned. Apply the new headliner on the headliner board. Make sure that all of the headliner in the pickup truck is glued and secure. Also, make sure that this is done in such a manner that the headliner material is smooth and free of wrinkles or bumps.
  6. Reinstall the accessories from the pickup truck cab, such as the visors, and tighten all of the screws to these accessories.

Though you will still find that installing a headliner in a pickup truck isn’t a fun task, you should be able to do it on your own - and fairly quickly - if you follow these steps. It may be slightly inconvenient to do it this way, but you will save the cost paying someone else to do it.


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