How To Install a Noise Filter

Simply speaking, a car is noisy. That is not only because of the roaring sound it gives off but also of the not so pleasant sound produced by the electrical devices comprising it ranging from the radio and fan down to the spark plugs and car alternator. In such case, noise reduction equipment such as an active noise filter, circuit filter or frequency filter is a must-have if you don't want to be bothered by noise and other unpleasant sounds not only in your car but in other applications as well, such as in a photographic film and magnetic tape. Such application requires the use of an image filter. The question now is how to install a noise filter. 

Let's focus our discussion on the noise line and design that bothers you inside your car. To answer that question, here's how to do it.

  1. The first point that you should start with is the radio. Remove this component from your dash; although uninstalling it may vary depending on the car design, brand or model. You can check out the net for further information regarding this matter. Take note that your car radio also has other accessories such as receivers and antennae.
  2. After the radio has been removed, you can then cut the red power wire that leads to the radio. A car noise filter has red and blue wires. What you should do is to attach the blue wire to a part of the red wire that leads to the radio. Twist the red and blue wires together. See to it that it is tightly secured with electrical tape.
  3. Now you're left with the other red wire. Connect it to the red wire and secure it with electrical tape.
  4. Now, connect the other end of the wire that you cut to a ground component. Any bolt included or part of the car's metal surface would do.  But first, see to it that the bolt is loosened up. Slide the wire under the bolt. As it passed right through, tightly secure the bolt onto the wire.
  5. At last, you're ready to test the radio for any interference. In case you're still bothered by the noise, re-check the connections you made.

Aside from those steps, installation of noise filters can also be done in other ways. Here's another set of steps on how to install a noise filter. This time, you can do it not only in your car radio, but in other car stereo and sound systems as well. 

  1. Since there are different components comprising your car's sound system as well as your car's overall system, first check where the noise comes from. You can turn your radio on full blast or you can listen for buzzing and hissing sounds in your car's frame, both inside and outside.
  2. After finding where the weak spot is, you're now ready to install the noise filter. Take note that there are varied types of filters so see to it that you choose the right type. No matter which type you choose to install, see to it that you unplug the cable connecting the components. You can plug the noise filter in between those components.

So there you have our easy, handy steps on how to install a noise filter. Moreover, these are general steps so it's still a must to check the specific installation steps for your car.


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