Installing Viper Car Alarm Systems: Car Security Systems

Protect Your Vehicle by Learning Viper Car Alarm Installation

Depending upon your situation, car alarms are vital parts of a car. Alarms help in securing the safety and protection of the car. Aside from the sound that a horn produces, an alarm would be the other means to indicate that there is something wrong, so it is wise to learn how to install a Viper car alarm system. Car alarm installation can be expensive, so it is wise to attempt to learn the technique yourself.

Owning a car is like having your own child. You have to know its needs as well and that means car security systems. You have the obligation to check and maintain the operability of the car at all times. Knowing it inside and out is practically a must. It does not mean that you will know every detail of your car, but at least basic knowledge on how they operate would be a benefit. Watching technicians doing mechanical work would also be helpful.

Car alarm installation is not difficult if you have the proper instructions. Here are the basic steps for how to install a Viper car alarm system.

  1. Turn the positive lead off. From the battery terminals in your engine, remove the positive lead offs from the battery using screwdrivers.
  2. Remove the smart junction box. A smart junction box is located at the kick panel on the passenger side. First, remove the cover from the kick panel to see the junction box. A small nail like thing Man with his car keyis holding it. A 10 mm deep socket is needed to remove the smart junction box. Behind the junction box are 3 colorful bundled wires where the 12 wiring harness is connected. Use a guidebook or any directed electronics manual to guide you. Connect all the assigned wires together. After making all the connections, hide all the wires exposed connected to the box. Hide them behind the dashboard including the brain and shock sensor. The shock sensor should not be directed at any metallic surface because it can cause unwanted car alarms.
  3. Wrap the cable. You need to wrap the cable wire to the "A peller" down to the headliner. The mouth of the cable will start behind the rear view mirror going to the headliner, up to the side of the "A peller," down to its dashboard.
  4. Connect the alarm. Under the steering wheel there are two small screws. Using a screwdriver remove those screws to uncover the wiring underneath. Under the steering wheel lies the ignition and starter wiring. Pull connection from the starter wiring and cut the green wire from the harness. Connect the green wire to the ignition wiring and the purple wire to the starter wiring. Some cars use a programed alarm system where it is locked up in a small remote control like device.
  5. Connect the siren and the hood pin. The siren is located inside the machine under the steering wheel. You need to create a connection from the inside going to the engine's firewall in the hood of the car. The siren will be placed on the firewall. Hood pins should be hooked in the small metal side portion of the car. Make a small pinch in it if it has no hood pinhole.
  6. Test run the engine. Open your engine and test the built in alarms if they are working. GTS viper engines can also be upgraded to high-calibrated engines that are used for speed like ACR cars for racing and SRT 10 model pick up truck.

Always check and maintain the Viper alarm system of the car. Most often, the alarm system is connected to the different functions of the car. If one alarm malfunctions, check other connections because most likely there are some defective wires involved. If the problem is more than complicated, it is better to consult a professional mechanic about the matter.

Installing Viper car alarm systems is a skill that will be helpful to you for as long as you are the owner of a nice car that you want to secure.  In this day and age, car security systems are a must.


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