How To Install Car Mirror Glass

Finally getting your own car can be one of the most joyful moments in your life, especially after saving up your hard-earned money for the ride that you have always dreamed of. A day may come, however, when you find out that the mirror glass in your side mirrors has cracked or is beginning to fall off. Usually, car manufacturers ensure that these devices will stick to your car fairly well, especially since these parts play an important role in safe driving. If you find yourself in need of mirror repair, however, here are some easy steps.

The first thing that you need to know is that the side mirror is actually connected to the body of your car through very strong adhesives. Only a relatively small percentage of automobiles actually screw the side view mirrors in place. Because the adhesives used are industrial strength glues that are very powerful, it will take either major impact or years of environmental factors such as heat and humidity to damage the mirror glass.

  1. Remove adhesive. To begin mirror replacement, start by removing the mirror and removing the pieces of dried glue that used to hold the object in place. Use pieces of cloth dipped in alcohol to soften the glue and remove it. Screwdrivers and other sharp objects can be used to scrape off hard to remove pieces that can act as the weak link once you install new mirrors on your car.  Once the entire glue residue has been removed, clean the area again with alcohol to remove oil stains that can weaken the glue.
  2. Unhinge from button. You will also find a small button where the bulk of the mirror is attached to the car. Usually, you will only need to unhinge the mirror from this button in order to remove it. If it does come with a small screw, simply remove this and keep aside. Remember that this button is useful for holding the mirror in place while the glue is still drying. Also clean the button and the surrounding area to ensure that the glue will stick to it and dry evenly.
  3. Attach new mirror. Once the area is clean, take your new car glass mirror and apply the adhesive on the part that is contact with the car. You can also apply the adhesive on the button itself, to provide a stronger grip for your new mirrors. Once the glue is applied to the mirror, quickly but carefully attach it to the car. The new mirror should hinge on the button in the same upward manner that you found in the broken mirror. Keep the mirror in place for a minute or so, depending on the instructions on your heavy duty glue. Also be sure to buy your adhesive from car dealers or hardware shops that sell industrial strength products.
  4. Repaint. Once the mirror is attached, you can reconstruct the area surrounding mirror, especially if the paint has been damaged while scraping off the fragments of old glue. Do this by applying a new layer of paint on the affected area.

You can also use the same process in replacing other minor glass parts such as the vanity mirror. With these easy steps, repairing your broken car mirror glass is easy.


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