How To Install Radiator Support

A radiator support is an essential component of a car's cooling system setup. It securely keeps the radiator in place and keeps it from coming in close contact with the engine.

  1. Have all of the needed tools and replacement materials prepared. Get everything ready and within reach to avoid unnecessary delays. Of course, have the radiator support ready. For tools, have spanners, socket and torque wrenches of varying sizes for the project. You will also need to have a reliable axle stand or a work table where you can put the uninstalled radiator and electric fan assembly later. If you want, you may have some old newspapers cover this utility table.
  2. Always keep necessary safety precautions in mind. Firstly, never start with the radiator support installation if the car's engine is not fully cool. Next is to disable the car's overall electrical system. Do this by unhooking the car battery's negative cable from its terminal with the use of the spanner.
  3. Uninstall the bumper. Before doing this, make sure you keep the hood open at all times. Use the supplied metal rod to do this. With the use of a 10mm socket wrench, unscrew the two 10mm bolts holding the plastic pieces underneath the radiator support first. Now only two bolts on top are holding it in place. Remember to put the axle stand beneath the radiator support so it won't fall off. Next is to remove the 10mm bolts holding the bumper at both ends. Have someone to assist you with the bumper removal as it is heavy.
  4. Remove other related installations. Unfasten the wiring found at the radiator's left lower side. Next is to undo the cables for the hood's release. There should be around three so be sure to unfasten them all. Additional electrical sensors for the hood and airbag system have to be disconnected as well. Lastly, unscrew the bolts holding the power steering mechanism onto the radiator support.
  5. Uninstall the radiator support. Unscrew the remaining two 10mm bolts atop the radiator support. Afterwards, ease the radiator along with the fan assembly out of the vehicle.
  6. Put in the new radiator support. Remove the latch from the old radiator support by unfastening the bolts. After wards, attach it to the replacement. Lastly, simply put in the new support by securing it with bolts in the corresponding places.
  7. Replace everything in its proper position. Put the radiator back in first making sure everything perfectly fits in as it used to. Lastly, reattach the bumper.

Radiator supports are one of the more easily worn out parts of a car due to its exposure to abrasive car fluids, corrosive salt, and overall wear and tear from frequent use so periodic changes are necessary.


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