How To Install Remote Keyless Entry Systems for Cars

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A remote keyless entry system is a technology that is designed to enable users to access their cars without having to use keys. These remote keyless entry systems can be made by Lenel Systems International, Inc. This company manufactures ID cards, alarm monitors and other card systems. The technology behind remote keyless entry systems is also similar to RFID systems or Radio-frequency Identification systems.

Nowadays, almost all cars have remote keyless entry systems. If you want to install a remote keyless entry door system in your car, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Finding the right system. First, you have to know the right remote keyless entry system that is fit for your car. Before you purchase the system, you should know the make and model of your car. You can do some research on this. Go online and see what the best keyless entry systems are to install in your vehicle. You can also ask your car dealer what system is compatible with the car that you have so that you can purchase the correct system.
  2. Purchase the remote keyless entry system. When you know what type of keyless entry system you need, you can purchase it. You can do this online, or you can also go to auto shops to see if they sell the type of system that you need. If you purchase online, you can look for discounted systems so that you can save some money. Remember to purchase a remote keyless entry system with two actuators if your car has two doors, and four actuators if your car has four doors.
  3. Preparation. Before starting the installation, you have to ensure that the windows of your car are all rolled up. Look at how the window panel on the car door is installed and see how you can remove it without damaging the car door.
  4. Installation. Remove the panel inside the car door and look for the lock. What you have to do is to get the clip from the remote keyless entry system and attach it to the bar of the lock. Get an actuator and use the bar that came with the kit, and put it through the hole on the actuator. The next step is to put the bars in the actuator to connect it to the locking bar. The last step is securing the actuator using the screws that came with the kit. After this, you can replace the panel and test if the mechanism works.

These are the simple steps on how you can install a remote keyless entry system for the car. These remote keyless entry systems come with instructions. You can follow the instructions to see if you are installing the system correctly on the car. There are also biometrics systems or keyless entry systems that are used for houses. If you want to have the same technology in your house, you can replace your door locks with a remote keyless entry system.


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