How To Install Wiper Inserts

The car wiper does a lot of hard work to clear off the windshield when it’s raining, snowing, or when the shield is covered with morning dew. Overtime, the car wiper’s rubber wears out, making it incapable of its original purpose. Replacing the car wiper can be the easiest choice here. But it’s certainly not the cheapest. A pair of wiper can cost about $20 while a pair of wiper inserts can cost only about $2.

Of course, this great savings come with a price. It’s not that easy to replace the wiper inserts. But with the steps below, you should do well enough for that:

  • Purchase a pair of wiper inserts. There is a specially created insert for it. If you can’t find it, then go for inserts with the same length. Generic wiper inserts are cheaper and they are as sturdy and as effective as the branded names.
  • Take out the old inserts. First, pull the old rails out of the blade using a pair of needle nose pliers. Some wiper will have caps for the rails. You need to lift the caps off the blade before the rails can be removed. Save the rails because you will use them again when installing the new inserts.
Once the rails are out, it’s now time to pull out the old rubber inserts from the wiper. Start pulling from the back of the old blade. Your bare hands can already pull this thing out of the blade.
Note: You may remove the wiper arm from the car if it seems strongly attached. The springs attached with the wiper blade are very strong. If the blade accidentally and uncontrollably snaps on, the windshield might become broken.
  • Insert the new wiper inserts. Slide-insert the new rubber. Start this from the back of the blade. Insert the wiper inserts through the eyelets until the rubber fits into the blade’s metal catch. This step might take time because it’s a bit difficult to fit the wiper inserts in the blade, especially if you have bought the generic brand.
  • Insert the rails back. Slide the rails you removed a while ago into the blade. It should slide over the rubber insert. The blade should also go through the eyelets. This way, you can make sure that the rails will fit well into the blade.

You know that you have installed the wiper inserts properly if the blade looks like the way it was before you removed the rails.

Gently install the wiper arm on the car again, if you have removed it. Be careful not to lose hold of the blade. The thing might cause damage on the windshield or might cause your injury.

Most of the time, drivers don’t get it rightly the first time they tried installing wiper inserts into the blade. Be patient, though. As long as the blade is normally wiping the windshield, then you are sure that you have done a good job. Just always remember to prioritize safety all the time. It’s more important than some savings you can earn.


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