How To Keep Warm Without a Heater

We all find ourselves in the same situation. You are in the middle of your kitchen table and you look through your bills--there you find the heating bill skyrocket to amounts you never thought were possible. Or maybe you are an activist looking to solve the greenhouse effect and you want to start with your own home. Or you may even live with a limited budget or worse, cheap parents who thought to build character by turning off the heat in the basement where you live. Good job, Mom and Dad…  A fine way to make your boy grow up or at least leave the house.
Here are just some ways you can solve your heating woes without burning down your house and dancing like Nero as Rome burned.  These effective steps will keep you warm, even without a heater. And soon you will be dancing for joy instead of cowering in that thick blanket.

  1. Dodge the draft.  Everybody knows that in times that are cold, nothing sends shiver up your spine like a cold draft.  This is also an effective way to lose heat that’s already in your house. This step includes closing storm windows, caulking windows to make sure no air comes in the house, and sealing doors.
  2. You don’t need to totally remodel your home to keep the heat in and keep the draft out.  Simple steps like adding window caulk around the window significantly lowers heat loss. Heavy curtains are effective as well. The door is not only the preferred way for people to go in and out of the house, heat loves it, too. Attach a door sweep or stuff a towel underneath your door.   That should keep heat in.
  3. Let the sunshine in. The sun is the best source of heat that you can find and the best thing about it is that it is totally free until somebody can make money out of the sun.
  4. When the sun comes out, open up your dark curtains to let the sun shine in. Keep the draft out while letting sunlight peek through by using affordable clear shower curtains. Also, make sure there are no obstructions in your windows like plants or clothes hanging off your window sill and blocking the view.
  5. Add layers. Additional clothes help insulate your body from the cold and help keep your body heat in. As things get hotter, peel off a layer. Think of it as a very unsexy striptease.
  6. When you are cold, the best thing to do is wear a hat. You know the song in Full Monty urging you to “keep your hat on”, 70% of your body heat passes through your head. Unless, you are standing on your head, then it would be best to put your hat on your feet.  You can also wear layers. Put on those long johns, shirt, sweater, and jacket.  Don’t ask if it makes you look fat because anyone wearing a ton of clothes would look like a plump snowman.
  7. Warm up with some hot cocoa. The stove generates heat and can help circulate it around your house.  Boil some water and drink hot coffee or chocolate. The sugar gets burned by your body and generates heat. The hot beverage should also help warm up your body as it gets absorbed. The steam will help humidify the air and keep your house warm longer. Another thing, after cooking a roast, open up the oven and let the heat permeate through the house. Sure, you and your house will smell like cooked meat but at least you are warm.
  8. Snuggle up.  Nothing heats you up faster than body heat. Ask a friend over or a special someone and play a game of twister. Activities also keep your body more adaptable to heat. Movement generates heat. A healthy body is more efficient dealing with the cold.
  9. Snuggle up with the favorite things. Snuggle up with your favorite person or your favorite book while on a rug. Being with the people or items that you like make uncomfortable things easier to deal with. Spend a romantic night with your special someone and light some candles. Besides making the night more romantic, it is a cheap way to generate heat. Pets are great for snuggling--with their long warm fur you would warm up in no time.

Whatever situation you are in, it is important to keep warm day or night. Rising gas prices, or thrift and grumpy old parents make it more difficult to keep warm. Apply these simple steps and you will warm up in no time.


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