How To Keep Your Car Green

When trying to lead an environmentally friendly life and reduce the impact on the environmental conditions through your lifestyle, it is not only important to keep your life green, but also your car green. Here's how to keep your car environmentally friendly.

What are the environmental dangers of an everyday car?

A normal car which runs off of gas emits large amounts of hydrocarbons. The amount of carbon which is prevented from release into the air for every 10 minutes saved is an entire pound of carbon dioxide. If you think about the combination of carbon dioxide emitted from the millions of vehicles running at any given moment for 10 minutes, imagine how much this would be of carbon dioxide.

What can people do to make their vehicles more "green"?

When preventing environmental damage on the earth's environment from car usage, the first thing you can do is consider trading in your car for a new Eco-friendly vehicle if you do not already own one.

What is an Eco-friendly car?

An Eco-friendly car is a vehicle which is designed to run differently than a normal car, due to their benefits to the environment. Many companies will offer vehicle exchanges for the cars and then you simply pay the difference in value. This is a plan which has been created to help trying to convince the community to switch to economic friendly vehicles for the positive impact on the planet in the long term future.

The type of Eco-friendly vehicles in which we are referring to is the hybrid lines, these vehicles use electric power in combination with diesel fuels, and some are also nuclear electric. The cars burn less fuel and emit less carbon and sulfur due to the electric components making the fuel less of a vitality in the way the car runs, but don't get us wrong - you will still need fuel just not as much.

What other ways can people make their cars more friendly to the environment if they cannot afford a hybrid? There are simple other ways to make your vehicles impact the earth less then they currently do, some ideas consist of the following:

  • Only use your vehicles when you absolutely need to. If you can walk or take a bus this will decrease the amount of impact on the environment from preventing at least one extra vehicle from running.
  • There are many product alternatives on the market which also do not harm the environment which you could be using on your vehicle instead of harmful ones. When washing your car, try to use products which are non- toxic if they got onto the ground from rinsing and may drain into plants, habitats, or into drains where animals could potentially be hiding or living.


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