How To Locate Outlets Selling Used Turbine Parts

At times, you really cannot avoid replacing or changing one or two of your turbine parts. Though you don’t have much of a budget for it, you can’t help but spend a considerable amount of money for it. Good thing that you can now purchase used turbine parts in the market. Definitely, the quality can be the same yet the price is comparably lower.

The only thing left for you to do is to find a supplier who sells used parts. Though this kind of retailer is not as common as other second-hand products, there are enough of them ready to be of service to you. When you need to get one, here are some ways on how you can locate these outlets for used turbine parts:

  1. Check electrical, energy, and chemical institutions. Since turbines are used in a number of industries, you need to know the list of institutions that are using them. This is because more often than not, they are the one who sell out used turbine parts. In fact, their parts for sale include but are not limited to turbine compressor, turbine vacuum, and valves. Depending on the service of the particular institution, you can get gas, wind, solar, and diesel turbine parts. The list can be unending. The parts for sale are usually scrap pieces when they perform turbine repair. You can check out the yellow pages and even online resources to look for their offices.
  2. Check a supplier of turbine and its parts. Though some manufacturers of turbine parts only sell out brand new ones, there are still some suppliers that sell out surplus parts. You can always consult either local or online directories to find suppliers of used turbine vacuum, turbine compressor, and other turbine parts.
  3. Check for government agencies. The Department of Defense and the Department of Energy usually use turbines including gas or diesel turbines and even solar powered ones. Once they perform a turbine repair for any of their equipment, they can sell out the part for added funds. To find them, you can contact or visit these agencies and ask for their outlets that handle the selling of the used parts. For example, the US Department of Defense has Government Liquidation that handles the bidding of used parts for sale.
  4. Check out online shops. There are also a dozen of websites that sell out surplus turbine parts. You can search for them online. Some websites that cater used parts include:
  • Powertechnology. This website offers used parts of steam and gas turbines including turbine compressors, blades, rings, nozzles, gears, rotors, and a lot more.
  • Louisiana Electric Equipment Co. Since this company buys used turbine parts, they have a wide range of these parts for sale. You can send them an email or call their sales department number provided in the site for product details.
  • Electric Power Generation. This caters to gas turbine parts alone by buying and selling used components. You can see the items for sale with a detailed specification for your advantage.

If you are looking for used turbine parts, there are a lot of options you can consider. However, always remember to check the part that you are buying. Keep in mind that price matters but functionality and quality matter more.


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