How To Locate the Code for a BMW Radio

What if your nice BMW car becomes a victim of car theft? If you are worried about car theft and if you treasure your hard-earned BMW, you need to know how to locate the code for a BMW radio. Thanks to BMW radio codes, your luxury car can be protected from theft.

This anti-theft technology has been included in every BMW cars since the 1990s. This will prevent any unauthorized use of your car’s audio system will prevent unauthorized car radio operations unless the password is provided.

Locating the BMW Radio Code
You will need to find the BMW radio code if your radio was removed from your vehicle or if the vehicle’s battery is disconnected. Here are some ways for you to locate your BMW radio code:

  • Car’s Paperwork. The papers and files that come with each BMW purchase usually includes the unlock code for the BMW radio. These usually come with a pocket card. You can check the paperwork in this pocket card. You may also recover the code in the pocket even if you are the second-hand owner of a BMW – as long as the original owner has passed down the card.
  • Original Owner. In some cases, BMW re-selling are done. If you bought your car as a second-hand vehicle, try to contact the original owner. This is especially important since most sellers forget to include the card pocket when handing over the vehicle.

If the original owner does not have the pocket card, or if you have personally lost the card, contact the nearest BMW branch. They will recover the BMW radio code through the serial number of your car. This is free of charge but does not work for cars where the radios have been replaced.

Getting the BMW Radio Serial Number

Another way is to get the radio’s serial number. You can either send the radio’s serial number to BMW so they can locate the radio code or you can trust companies like Radio Code and Radio-Codes to locate it for you.

There are two ways to get the BMW radio serial number. The first method requires you to remove the radio from the car’s chassis. You can find the serial number at the back of the radio. The radio serial number may start with F, Pha, P, BP, and AL.

Another way to get the radio serial number is through these steps:

  1. Insert the key into the car’s ignition and leave it in the OFF position.
  2. Press then hold the button M found on the BMW radio.
  3. Turn the key to ON and look at the radio while the M button is still pressed. The radio’s serial should now appear on the radio display.
  4. Copy the BMW radio’s serial number and send this to BMW or a radio code recovery company.

Once you have found the BMW radio code, make sure that you have a copy that is not stored in your car. Through these steps you can easily locate the radio car code in your BMW.


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