How To Loosen Your Car Seatbelt Shoulder Strap

A seatbelt is an effective safety device in cars and other automobiles, aside from the airbags. Failure to wear seatbelts is one of the usual causes of traffic-related accident injuries. According to the latest survey conducted by, 63% of the people killed in car-related accidents across the country are not wearing their seatbelts. Moreover, based on the latest data provided by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, seatbelts save approximately 13,000 lives annually. However, sometimes it can really be too discouraging to wear seatbelts if you always get caught up in a tight shoulder strap. The car seatbelt shoulder strap extends across your chest to help you stay in your place while you are inside the car. But when it is too tight, you don’t want to see yourself get stuck with it. Here are some few tips on how to loosen your car seatbelt shoulder strap:

  1. Don’t play with the shoulder strap. It gets easily prone to being jammed when you continuously play with it like the way you do it on certain workout machines in the gym while inside the car, for no apparent reason.
  2. Loosening the strap. When you get stuck with it and you are alone inside the car, try to ease yourself backwards to allow a small space where you can move your body. This way you will be able to reach out the back portion of your seatbelt where the control button is usually located. This button controls the length of the shoulder strap according to your body size. Car seatbelts have this ability to extend and retract. This means that you can lean forward while it remains relatively taut. So when the shoulder trap gets too tight, it’s because you didn’t extend the seat belt at a considerable length that will allow for the space your body needs. Sometimes, pregnant women and people who have larger body size are the ones easily get caught up with a jammed shoulder strap. In this case, visit your nearest automobile shops immediately and buy a car seat belt extension. This provides additional length that will prevent you from getting stuck with a situation like that.
  3. Safety with your seatbelt. When you get stuck with a too tight car seatbelt, it restricts your motion and when you are the one driving the car, you better be alert. Remember that seatbelts are devised in a way to provide you safety while on the road. Getting stuck with your shoulder strap could also restrict your respiration so you better loosen it right away. If you find it hard yourself, call your friend to do the loosening for you.

Seatbelts save lives. But when you are left in a situation like that, your seatbelt becomes your dilemma and could endanger your life while on the road. So when the shoulder strap gets too tight, loosen it right away. You can easily recognize it when your respiration gets impaired and your movements get too restricted. When it gets stuck while you are driving, pull your car over immediately in order to avoid risking your life trying to loosen it up when the vehicle is moving.


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