Making Custom Auto Body Kits: Car Body Parts and Kits

Discover How To Use a Body Kit for Car Customizing and See the Unique Results

A car body kit allows you to customize your own car to make it look sleek and unique. There are plenty of off the shelf options available for most car models. However, be prepared to invest a lot of time and money to create your own unique look with car customizing.  

  1. Design the body kit. Enhancing the body of your vehicle by learning how to make a body kit often includes adding a spoiler and ground effects or skirts and changing the bumpers and grills of the car. You can do just about anything if you are creative. Look online or at custom car shows for ideas for auto body kits. Draw your design on paper or in a computer program like CAD or Photoshop and you'll find you can customize your car with the most unique of car body kits.
  2. Customized kit carsCreate the mold. In most cases body kits are made of fiberglass or plastic. For a custom look, the best option is a firm, moldable plastic. To create this you will need a mold for setting and shaping the plastic. It’s usually best to take your design to a shop that can create the mold or alter an existing mold to accommodate your design. Creating your own mold could cost thousands more than buying a body kit from a retailer so contact your local custom shop for help.
  3. Have the kit auto body parts made. Once the mold is made, the plastic is poured into the mold and heated to set the plastic. Again this is better done by a professional since he will have the equipment for car body parts. With his help, you can watch your design come to life.
  4. Attach the kit parts. Each part from the bumper to the spoiler will need to be securely attached to your vehicle. Bolted on parts are more secure than the stick on versions so make sure your design includes the ability to make secure seams between the car and body kit.
  5. Prep the kit for paint. Depending on what type of plastic and your design, the kit will require different prep work to make it ready for your custom paint job.
  6. Paint the effects. The best custom body kits appear seamless from the body of the vehicle. This often means that the entire car gets a custom paint job once the body kit is installed. Add flames, glitter, stripes or any other effect that suits the feel of your new, sleeker car.

Making a body kit is difficult and expensive to do at home but a little help from your local shop you can design and create a unique look for your car--whether you are parked, speeding or drifting along the road.


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