How To Make a Car Sticker for Bumpers

Just to get some attention from the people driving alongside you on the road, one thing interesting to get is a car sticker. Yes, a sticker can definitely draw a lot of attention, especially if it is well designed and catchy. And definitely, it will become more effective if it is placed in the right spot, which is the bumper. Nowadays, you see a lot of weird and cool custom-made car signs in the car window, windshield, door, bumper, and any other car parts. The signs are not limited to car magnets, car emblems, and car graphics only.

So if you have something in your mind and want to tell the world about it, why not make a car sticker and place it on the bumper? No worries, making it is actually as easy as creating a high school art project. Check these simple ways:

  1. Think up or conceptualize a design. You can check for existing designs of car magnets, car emblems, and a lot of car graphics on the Internet so you can get some ideas. However, if you just want to make a statement, then think of a catchy line that is not too long for the people on the road to read.
  2. Create the design using one of your favorite applications on the computer. There are a lot of programs like Photoshop that can help you in producing quality designs for your idea. Keep in mind that the standard size for bumper stickers is three inches by 11 inches, while car window stickers are five inches by five inches. However, the size can be customized if you prefer a different size.
  3. Try the design by printing it on white paper. In that case, when you don't like something on the printout, you don't waste the sticker paper. If you want to add or remove something, feel free to do it over and over until the perfect one is made.
  4. Print the design on a vinyl sticker paper. This sticker paper can be bought in a lot of craft stores, paper stores, and online art shops. It is beneficial to print it on this special kind of paper so the sticker will last longer than regular printouts. Since the bumper is exposed to sun and rain, it can fade easily. However, when bumper sticker paper is used, it is less likely to happen.
  5. Trim the sticker to its appropriate size. You can use a paper cutter for it or a pair of scissors if possible.
  6. If your printer is not a laser one, chances are the ink may run slightly during wet weather conditions. In this case, you can preserve it with some waterproofing preservatives that are available for sale in most craft shops.
  7. Place the car sticker on your bumper. Be careful when doing this, especially when a wrong move might ruin everything. One trick for this is to paste one side of the sticker with scotch tape or ask someone to hold the other side of the sticker onto the bumper. This way, you can stick the sticker just the way you want it.

So the next time your family is having a road trip, surely, with the homemade bumper stickers, your car will catch a lot of attention. There are even instances that people will approach you just to ask where they can buy one like that. Definitely, a car sticker is an easy, creative, and cheap way to add a spice to your car.


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