How To Make a Cover for Your Truck's Fifth-Wheel

Making a cover for your truck's fifth wheel need not be a chore of gigantic proportions. With just a few simple supplies found in any fabric outlet, you can whip up a custom cover in no time. And, best of all, you'll have saved a bundle.

First, you'll need to go shopping for your supplies. Before you do this, measure the tire you wish to cover. Find the diameter as well as the width. Add at least four to five inches to your measurements when you shop for your supplies.

Weatherproof canvas will be needed for the actual construction of your cover. A heavy-duty zipper made for outdoor equipment, some strong thread (perhaps linen or even a grade of industrial twine), needles made for the materials being used, and a marker will get you started. You'll also need a large cardboard box to make your pattern.

  • Cut a pattern from the cardboard about three inches wider than the tire you wish to cover. This will serve as your guide for the wheel cover.
  • Cut a piece of canvas about four inches wider than the tire and about three inches longer than the diameter of the tire. This will cover the tire treads.
  • Cut another circle like the one you cut for the front cover of the tire. Measure the diameter of your tire's mount. Cut a hole in the center of this circle to allow room for the mount.
  • Sew the strip of canvas that will be used for your tire's treads together using a one inch seam allowance You will want to sew this twice to make sure it is sturdy.
  • Notch the circle for the front cover of the tire at even intervals around the circumference of the circle. The notches should be no more than two inches deep and spaced so that the canvas does not warp when pinned to the first sewn piece of canvas.
  • Pin the circle to the completed sewn piece of canvas. Secure into place with stitches evenly spaced in the same manner as you sewed the original piece. Again, you may want to double stitch to increase strength.
  • Attach the back circle in the same manner as  you did the front circle.
  • Cut a slit to match the zipper's length on the tread covering. Your zipper should be at least half the length of the circumference of the entire tire.
  • Sew the zipper into place.

Now, take your completed cover and attach it to the fifth wheel of your truck. When you wish to use it, simply unzip the cover and remove the tire.


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