How To Make Leather Seats for a Car

Leather gloves and seat cover

You have a great car, but you're unhappy with the seats.  You want to make new leather car seats.  Sure, it sounds like a good idea, but do you really know what you're getting yourself into?

The first thing that you're going to have to do is to remove the seats from your car once you have removed the car seat.  You will have to remove the material that is already on the seat.  Start with a seam ripper.  You can purchase one of these at your local sewing store.  Follow the seams and gently use the seam ripper to cut the threads holding the material together.  This will take you some time; however, you want to get the material off in one piece so that you can use it as a pattern for your new leather seats.

Once you have the material off the seat, open the side seams so that you have a large amount of material that you can lay on the new leather you have selected.  Put the old material with the inside down, on top of the leather.  You can either trace the pattern of the material or you can pin the material to the leather.  You will need a good pair of scissors so that you can cut into the leather smoothly.

Cut the pattern of the previous seat out of the leather.  Make sure that you do this very carefully.  You do not want to make a wrong cut.  Leather is expensive and you don't want to have to purchase more than necessary.

After you have cut the leather, you need to have a good heavy-duty sewing machine to sew the covering for the seat together. Make sure that you use heavy-duty thread.  Nothing would be worse than to sit in your new leather car seat and have it split at the seams.  Match the thread to the color of the leather you have chosen.

If you are experienced in using a sewing machine, the sewing shouldn't take you very long.  The hardest part will probably be putting the leather covering back onto the seat.  Take the cover and put it over the seat, pulling it down and across the seat. Once the entire seat is covered, either nail or tack the leather underneath the bottom of the seat.  Do the same for the remaining car seats and good luck with this task!


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