How To Make Magnetic Bumper Stickers

As any car owner knows, bumper stickers are a fun way to decorate the car without making the vehicle look dirty or disorganized. If you are serious about keeping your car smudge and scratch free, you can use magnetic bumper stickers that will express your opinions and your views without leaving the adhesive tape residue on the bumper. This residue can be very difficult to remove especially when it has already dried out under the sun.

Create the design. Begin by creating your design. You can use greeting card software, which comes with plenty of templates that you can use for the design. If you are tech savvy, you can also use other layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, or even Microsoft Publisher. These will help you to create a fully customizable design. Be sure that you create borders, add background color, and choose the text carefully. For the images to be used in the bumper stickers, you can sketch your own drawing and scan these onto the computer. You can, however, also simply download image files from the Internet. Just keep in mind that adding too many images on the bumper sticker will give it a cluttered look, so focus on only one or two small images.

Sizing. There are premade and precut magnetic bumper stickers. You should use these to create bumper stickers that you have designed yourself. Since you are using precut stickers, however, you should measure the stickers first and use the size of the sticker as the size of the template. Most software will allow you to modify the size of the print document. Usually, the File button on the Menu Bar has the options that will allow you to modify the size of the design.

Print. Use paper that has an adhesive back. This will be used to stick the sticker onto the magnetic bumper sticker strips. Press the print button on the computer and align the paper so that the correct side – the side that does not have the adhesive strip – is facing the printer spool. Depending on the type of printer that you are using, you may need to wait for several seconds for the print out to dry completely. Once dry, use a scissor to cut out the design.

Attach. Once the print out has dried completely, peel out the protective layer at the back of the sticker and attach the design onto the magnetic bumper sticker. Once this is attached, you can place the magnetic bumper sticker on any part of the car that has a metallic surface. You can add texture and other handmade effects on the sticker by using colored markers. You can even add a border of glitter by using glitter glue on the edges of the magnetic bumper sticker.

Magnetic bumper stickers are an excellent do-it-yourself project when you want to decorate your car. It is also a great gift idea for other car lovers - you can customize stickers with your friend’s name, which they can place in their cars.


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