How To Make Your Car Bullet Proof

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A bullet proof vehicle cannot be penetrated by bullets. These vehicles are used by different people, such as politicians, actors and actresses, policemen, the SWAT team and people who drive armored cars. Bulletproofing is not only used for vehicles. They can also use bulletproof materials for transaction windows and deal trays.

There are several parts of the car that you would want to be bulletproofed, not just the windows. If you are planning to bulletproof your car, you must know the materials to use and where to put them for maximum protection.

Here are some tips on how to make your car bullet proof:

  1. Bullet proof windows. This is the first part of the car that is thought of when bulletproofing. To bullet proof your glass windows, you need polycarbonate materials. You will have to protect the glass windows of the vehicle with the polycarbonate to make it bullet proof. You have the choice between a two-way window and a one way-window. It is better to choose a one-way window so that you can see the people outside but they will not be able to see you inside the vehicle.
  2. Gas tank. Another crucial part of the vehicle that you want to protect is the gas tank. When a bullet penetrates the gas tank, there is a chance of explosion. The way to do this is to have a ballistic wrap to cover your gas tank. The ballistic wrap can be used for other equipment and gear. It will prevent your gas tank from exploding when a bullet hits it.
  3. Car batteries. The next thing you have to consider is the car’s battery. The standard battery of a vehicle can explode and damage the engine when it gets hit by a bullet. For the batteries, you will have to put in an anti-ballistic battery so that you are safe if the battery gets hit with a bullet. The difference between standard batteries and anti-ballistic batteries is that the anti-ballistic batteries make use of dry cells. The dry cells protect the battery from exploding.
  4. Body of the car. The next thing you will have to take care of is the body of the vehicle. The exterior can be layered with a flexible armor that can protect the exterior of your vehicle. The flexible armor can easily fit in cramped spaces. You can also use the armor on the floor of the car for protection against bombs that may be implanted under the vehicle.

These are the tips on how you can bullet proof your car. It would be better to take your vehicle to a company that provides armored vehicles. You can check the website or to see the different choices you have in making your vehicle bullet proof. You can also purchase an armored vehicle, such as SUVs, sedans and vehicles for banks. If you are not too keen on purchasing a brand new armored vehicle, you can settle for a pre-owned armored vehicle.


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